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Rope Saw – Safely Cut High Tree Branches With Ease
A rope saw is an abrasive rope or cord that is able to cut and saw wood. So how do you use one?

First, examine the rope on both sides of the cutting chain for cuts and chips and also check for signs of wear and tear on the connecting points between both ropes and the cutting chain. If there are any defects replace the saw before using. Place the rope over the limb you are going to cut, pull the rope until the tree limb sits in the center of the cutting chain. Grasp both handles of the rope saw firmly, then pull the handles of the rope saw in a sawing motion to cut through the limb. Be very careful not to use excessive pressure on the rope or it may become stuck and embed itself into the wood.

If you are faced with the need to cut and trim high branches from your yard don’t risk your life by climbing up a tree and try to save money by not hiring professionals. You may want to try a rope saw as an alternative. It is a clever way to trim your trees safely and inexpensively. The cutting process does take some energy but it keeps you safely on the ground.

There are a lot of types and styles of saws on the market. The Long Reach rope chain saw is an example. It is an innovative design that allows trimming up to 16 feet over head and there is no need to balance on rickety ladders while cutting branches. It’s cost is minimal at only around . The High Limb CS-48 rope saw can cut high limbs up to 25 feet in the air safely and easily from the ground. Provide a sunny area to your shaded gardens with the help of high limb chain saw and that only costs around .

There are also some that are made specifically for cutting blocks, like the PLBK 1800 which cuts blocks into 4000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm. It has a smooth control, low energy consumption, and has a great noise reduction while in operation mode. There are also special made saws for granite mines like the Diamond rope saw which greatly reduces waste and is safe and more efficient to use.

A rope saw will assist you on cutting and trimming high branches efficiently and safely. So the next time you climb up those ladders with a branch cutter clasped in your hand, you may want take a second and think of your safety first.

To learn more about all the ways you can use a rope saw, product reviews, and comparisons, visit this excellent online resource.

After working in the finance and banking industry for over a decade, Jon Brant turned his attention to serving as a marketing consultant, researcher, and author. His passion for adventure and teaching others has led me to meet and experience many interesting people and places.

So you’ve successfully cut down a tree, now what? There are many potential dangers once a tree has fallen. Learn how to handle these risks with a 5-step plan. We invite you to visit today for more helpful videos and tips. (02:24)

To cut through a tree quickly and safely, your chainsaw teeth must be sharpened often. This video clearly demonstrates each section of a cutter tooth and tips for easy maintenance. Visit today for more projects. (02:18) How to use Chainsaw to trim trees. (06:29)

Home improvement expert Danny Lipford shows you how to remove a large branch from a tree that may be damaged or crossing over another branch. (00:58)

Everyone knows that a storm is coming. Standing outside your home, looking over your place, you realize that you’ve got to do something about those beautifully large trees. You’ve got to make some time to prepare your yard to protect your home. If you don’t, you could be real sorry. Don’t be.

You’ve been warned that a storm is coming. Standing outside your home, looking over your place, you realize that you’ve got to do something about those beautifully large trees. If you just let them be, you could lose them. They may even damage something on your property or something else…

I had a neighbour once who though that anybody can cut down a tree. The one in question was an old oak that was quite badly rotten, and threatening to fall onto his shed.

When living in the city we are all trying to do our best to take care of trees, but there are situations where trees can become harmful to our properties or are an inconvenient to the proper functions of the property.

If a tree falls in my yard and no one is around to hear it, can I just leave it there? Unfortunately unless you live in the forest, a fallen tree in the yard can be a mess. This article tells you the best ways to get rid of a fallen tree and remove the tree stump.

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After working in the finance and banking industry for over a decade, Jon Brant turned his attention to serving as a marketing consultant, researcher, and author. His passion for adventure and teaching others has led me to meet and experience many interesting people and places.


Tree Service
Tree and Shrub Removal
Certain circumstances require removal of your shrubs and plants. This can be a stressful situation and we want you to relax while we take care of all of your removal needs. It is critical to utilize care and precaution when surveying a tree or shrub removal. We work hard to ensure the safety of people and property. Austin Tree Service will work hard so no harm will come to your home, buildings, or other plants. We employ an experienced team who understand the delicate situation in each tree or shrub removal job. Austin wants you to relax and trust us with the job you have given us.

Hazardous Tree Removal
Hazardous tree removal is one of the most stressful situations for any home or business owner. Preparation is key when protecting your property and family from a hazardous tree. You can trust Austin to provide the safest removal of the tree possible. We work hard to help you in this time of need. We work effectively and quickly to remedy and remove these obstacles from your home and property. Safety is key for not only your possessions, but also for our employees. Our employees are trained to approach your hazardous tree removal cautiously and work safely.

Tree Pruning Service
Tree pruning can be a delicate procedure. Shrubs and trees may need to be considered with an understanding of the tree and plant structure. We understand how to employ the entire aesthetic of your plants, to ensure a cohesive pruning for your trees and shrubs. Many aspects must be taken into account when beginning a pruning service. The plan structure, biology, and physiology all make a difference when developing your plant life. Many times the types of plants, perennials and annuals all need to be considered while pruning your larger shrubs and trees. Pruning and trimming should take place whenever there are loose branches, but Austin Tree Service understands the dormant seasons and how to preserve the health and sap loss.

Tree Trimming Service
Austin Tree Service provides its value with committed and experienced individuals who we employ to trim your trees. Commercial and residential tree and plant care is available throughout the Austin and Greater Austin areas. We employ the latest techniques and quality tools to provide you with the best tree trimming results. Whether your tree is small or large, we understand the appropriate method to ensure the health of your tree, while getting the job done!

Tree and Stump Grinding and Removal
In the unfortunate situation that your tree may need to be completely removed, you must also realize that there is a stump to be removed as well. These unsightly tree stumps can be removed no matter how large or small the tree was. We employ power stump grinders to make mulch and wood chips out of the existing stump. Austin Tree Service can grind the stump down to an appropriate level, as deep as 6 to 16 inches. Let us help the aesthetics and design of your residential or commercial lawn, by removing the left over stumps of fallen or dead trees.

Emergency Tree and Branch Removal
In the event of an emergency, contact Austin Tree Service. We understand the importance of a quick removal of these hazardous trees and limbs. If you have experienced this situation due to weather or accidents, contact Austin Tree Service and we will be able to provide you with the piece of mind needed during this traumatic experience. Do not leave trees or branches in unstable conditions. Call our experienced staff as quickly as possible so we can begin this process fast and safely. Fallen trees are a safety concern in any situation and we pride ourselves on promoting safety and health with all of your trees.

Tree Preservation Service
When adding or redeveloping your home or business, trauma can take place with your trees and surrounding plant life. Austin Tree Service can provide a consultation on the appropriate action with plant life. We can advise on how to preserve and minimize the amount of damage done to the important trees and shrubs in your existing home or business. We do not want you to feel like you must remove all plants or trees when developing new buildings. Many times the investigation into your plants is key to planning a new building project. Let us provide our experience and knowledge to you and your building team. We are proud to help you ensure the well being of existing trees and plants.

Trees can be relatively easy to control. With the knowledge and experience in Austin Tree Service, we can instruct and develop your tree to grow and shape as you would like. Based on the type of tree and placement, usually there are a few different options for shaping. We can provide you with the umbrella shape of street trees, to reduce the crown. Austin Tree Service also provide shrub and hedge shaping. There is a certain art to providing the trees and shrubs with a loose and bright appearance, while keeping them healthy. If started early on, many trees can be controlled to follow a direct line. We suggest that you consult with our professionals when planting new trees and beginning a shaping process.
Cabling and Bracing
Cabling is performed as a preventative safety measure. Trees that are damaged or that have the potential for causing damage by splitting or falling are often cabled to help reduce the risk of further damage. Cabling can also be used to help stabilize a multi-trunked tree

Cabling/bracing reduces the risk of tree failure resulting from structural weaknesses (V-shaped crotch), storm damage, mechanical injury, rubbing or long heavy limbs Cabling or bracing is only recommended for valuable, mature trees that have some serious structural defects. Cabling and/or bracing will make them safer, but will not solve the original structural problem. For example, when two trunks are joined with a very narrow angle, the trunks are usually structurally weak. When there is a wide angle, there is more solid wood at the junction. Narrow angles have what is known as “included bark” at the joint area, resulting in a weak joint. As the tree gets older, a fissure sometimes develops, and the tree splits in a wedge-like manner. Cabling and bracing holds the trunks (branches) together and decreases the chance of splitting. This also prevents the entry of moisture into the heartwood which can lead to decay. The hazard is reduced significantly, but never completely. Trees that have been cabled or braced should be inspected on a regular basis.

Cabling is not a homeowner job. Special hardware is required, and special techniques are used. Cabling should only be done by trained professionals as incorrect procedures can do more harm than good.

Cavity Treatment
While it will not cure decay, proper cavity treatment in combination with regular pruning, feed and insect/disease control may help improve a tree’s defenses. Filling cavities in otherwise healthy trees is generally considered to help improve tree appearance, promote wound closure and prevent water and animals from entering the hollow.

Lightning Protection
It only takes seconds for lightning to strike a healthy 50-year old tree down. While a tree lightning protection system will not prevent a tree from being struck by lightning, it is possible to equip a tree so that lightning will be conducted harmlessly downward, dissipating itself into the surrounding soil. This is accomplished through the installation and use of a system of heavy, copper cables which is secured from the highest point in the tree, and usually the ends of major branches, proceeding down the trunk and into the soil beyond the tree’s main root area.
About Us
Hiring a tree service is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns, because healthy trees are appealing and can add significant value to your home and property, while sickly or poorly maintained trees can be a financial liability. Legacy Tree Trimming is a privately owned and operated company specializing in all aspects of expert tree maintenance and removal. For the past twenty years, our Senior Arborist Al Malnik has been in the tree industry, and during this time he and his staff have built up a strong, trusted reputation with a proud list of clients, including residential, commercial and government. All of our service technicians are certified ISA arborists, and we are members in good standing of the International Society of Arboriculture, the Tree Care Industry Association, and the American Society of Consulting Arborists.

Legacy Tree Trimming is conveniently located in the beautiful foothills of the Fernwood State Forest near Steubenville, enabling us to efficiently service most areas of the central Allegheny Plateau, including eastern Ohio, West Virginia and the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

Senior Legacy Tree Trimming Arborist Al Malnik and his professional crew of certified arborists and tree technicians have all the machinery and equipment to safely and effectively complete all tree care services, from basic fertilizing and pruning to large-scale tree removal and land clearing. We take great pride in providing a superior service while being cost effective and maintaining a strong commitment to safety. Our client care and customer satisfaction are second to none. We are committed to the ongoing evolution and improvement of Legacy Tree Trimming by reviewing our procedures to balance the needs of our clients and our impact on the environment.

We re-use or recycle 100% of our by products which include, mulch/woodchips, firewood, timber slabs for furniture, fence posts, creation of wildlife habitats. Like most things in life, you really do tend to get what you pay for. The over all value of a tree service lies no in the price of the service, but the overall health and safety of the trees on your property, and the professionalism and commitment of the technicians. At Legacy Tree Trimming, we pledge to improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees while providing you with the best value for your dollar. That’s our commitment to you, and our promise to every client we serve.

Hiring a Tree Service
At Legacy Tree Trimming, we want you to know what to look for in a certified arborist and tree service company. Whether you choose us for your tree service needs, or one of our competitors, there are certain things that you must look for when shopping for a tree service. The high cost of a low estimate isn’t always immediately apparent, but with over 20 years in the business, Legacy Tree Trimming knows what you need to look for when hiring a tree care specialist. Have more than one tree care company look at your job and give estimates, and don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance, certification, and references. Experience, education and a good reputation are signs of a good arborist.

You may find flyers for tree services on your front door or in your mailbox, offering “discount” tree trimming and removal services. Most reputable tree service companies have more than enough work without soliciting door to door for business. This type of advertising can be especially common after storms, when non-professionals see a chance to earn some quick money. Storm damage can be especially dangerous to you and your home and an uninsured non-professional can cause further damage or put you in great risk of liability if they are injured while working on your property.

Be cautious of a tree service that specializes in “tree removal.” This invariably means they are not certified arborists. A true “specialist” will never remove a tree unless all other options have been exhausted. A reputable tree service respects the trees they care for, and will never use climbing spikes to climb a tree unless it is dead and marked for removal.

If you had a pain in your arm, or a rash on your leg, you wouldn’t expect your doctor to amputate, so why allow that to be done to your trees? Many tree trimming companies reach for the saw as a first option, but we know for a fact that removal is rarely the first line of treatment. With over twenty years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pests and pathogens that affect trees, Senior Legacy Tree Trimming Arborist Al Malnik can provide you with a clear course of action to best treat your tree’s affliction with minimum impact to it.

The first step is to examine the tree’s health in its entirety, including a comprehensive assessment to check to properly identify the tree and any abnormalities in its overall appearance. Next, a comprehensive examination of your landscape and the roots will determine if there is a leaf born or root born stressor or pathogen affecting your tree for fungi, viruses, bacteria, and an overall stress assessment. If common infectious diseases and stressors can be ruled out, we then examine other factors that can affect your tree’s health.

Next, a close examination of the trunk and branches for marring or wounds will determine if pathogens or wood-rotting organisms have entered from damaged areas of your tree’s bark. Finally, we take note of the position of all leaf damage. Did you know non-infectious diseases account for the large majority of all plant problems in some areas? Nutrient deficiencies, temperature extremes, vandalism, insecticides, pollutants, and drought can cause these. Since these disorders often produce symptoms similar to those caused by infectious diseases, it is essential to distinguish between the two in order to give proper treatment. Senior Legacy Tree Trimming Arborist Al Malnik and his crew have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your trees health, from sapling care to diseased tree removal.

By choosing Legacy Tree Trimming to be your comprehensive tree care experts, you are not only getting the combined 50 plus years experience of our senior staff, but the commitment of every Legacy Tree Trimming employee to your total satisfaction and the best possible care for your trees. From sapling to towering majesty, Legacy Tree Trimming has you and your tree’s best interest at heart. For a free, no obligation assessment and estimate for your property, contact our Senior Legacy Tree Trimming Arborist Al Malnik at [email protected] today!

commercial Insurance

If you are running a trucking business or any business that has multiple vehicles then there is one thing that is on your mind. Getting insurance on all your vehicles. Luckily many companies offer fleet insurance to cover businesses for just such an occasion. Commercial fleet insurance is a little different from regular insurance in a few ways.

For instance while regular insurance covers a few small vehicles; commercial fleet insurance covers your entire fleet. This is generally sold at a lower price then insuring every car and truck one at a time. There is less paperwork involved as well. That’s a good thing regardless of what type of business you run.

Commercial fleet insurance isn’t just for trucking companies. Many businesses whether they be large or small use fleet insurance if they have more than 3 vehicles. Catering services will often employ it on their vans in case of an accident. In this case they might have addition coverage if the food is damaged. Not joking, food is a business product nowadays and it takes time and effort to make stuff for large events. In the event of an accident you need coverage on your products.

Besides food catering shipping companies also use commercial fleet insurance. This is essential for all their delivery trucks. As you can guess they have full coverage in the event something happens. Keep in mind these delivery trucks are full of packages whose value can get quite high. Having insurance that covers these is important.

Truck fleets use commercial fleet insurance for obvious reasons. Owning over 50 big rigs can be a strain and you need to have them all on one insurance form. This makes it easier to organize in the event something happens. Of course if something happens there are going to be more pressing matters than just getting your papers in order.

There are many other kinds of vehicles besides semis and delivery trucks that need insurance. But we don’t have time to go over all of them here. Suffice to say companies offer many programs to suit a variety of business needs. Prices vary on type of vehicle and coverage amount required. Additional cost will be determined if you need anything extra on your trucks.

Normal companies use the commercial fleet insurance as an economical approach for their sales representatives and other staff who have a company car. Naturally taxi owners really need to have commercial fleet insurance, they would be lost without it.

Additional costs might include hazardous materials coverage. In the event of a wreck that involves hazardous or flammable materials this will cover any damage done by the cargo to anything outside the truck. This is needed if you’re hauling hazardous or flammable material. Most cities don’t like it when truckers come through with no insurance and are hauling tankers full of gasoline.

Commercial fleet insurance is a great thing to have if you are dealing with a fleet of vehicles. Remember insurance is required for all vehicles whether they are part of a fleet or not. Safe driving is a responsibility and laxity in that responsibility can lead to some auto accidents. Auto accidents lead to court cases, and court cases lead to paying out a lot of money. No one wants that now do we?

Jackie de Burca is co-owner Creative Web Advertising, which is an International internet media consultancy, specialising in Pay Per Click, SEO and web consultingCreative Web Advertising work with UK, German, Austrian, Spanish, Portuguese, French clients currently doing Pay Per Click, SEO and web consulting. Her previous experience lies in traditional media, both in newspapers and video production. She is Irish living in Spain, and loves different cultures, travel and nature.

Every business or company holds the legal responsibility to provide workers compensation insurance for their employees. Although some jobs are not that much exposed to risks, the law says that this form of insurance is mandatory for every employee. In other cases, the job might be quite risky and the insurance will cover the costs in case accidents happen. The workers compensation insurance is extremely useful and this article will present you 3 advantages that you can get if you have such an insurance plan.

1. Your medical bills will be paid. In case of accidents, a particular employee might not be able to work anymore and he might also need treatments. However, it is not his fault if the employer was neglecting the working conditions and he is guilty for the accident that has happened. In this case, the workers compensation insurance will pay for the employee’s recovery. Regardless of the duration of the treatments, the insurance will take care of all the medical bills until the employee is fully recovered and he is able to come back to work.

2. Retraining costs. In some cases, different employees lose their skills and dexterity while they are recovering from an accident. When they come back to work, they might not feel that comfortable as before and they need to be trained again in order to get their skills back. However, the retraining costs don’t have to be supported by the employee because it is not his fault that he has been involved in an accident at work. The workers compensation insurance will eventually pay for his training courses in order for him to be able to practice his job again.

3. Survivors’ compensations. In some unfortunate cases, the employees might actually die in the accident and the workers compensation insurance will ensure that the family receives the required sum of money on a regular basis. This sum of money is usually enough to pay the bills and similar things.

As you can see, workers compensation insurance is very important because it guarantees that you get professional help and financial stability until you are back on your track. Also, there are insurance companies that can offer you more info regarding this type of insurance and you shouldn’t hesitate contacting them if you want more details.

Although workers compensation insurance’s terms and clauses differ from country to country, the employee will always be at advantage and his rights will be respected. In some cases, injury attorneys can be contacted in order to make sure that the insurance company is paying the right amount of money.