Harvard Poll: Millennials Crave For Bernie, Prefer Clinton

Millennials Crave For Bernie

Over three in five young citizens of America prefer a Democrat to win the Presidential elections this year rather than a Republican. Bernie Sanders is one of the five major presidential candidates till in the race with a net positive rating. These were revealed by the findings of a new survey conducted among the American adults below 30 years of age by Institute of Politics of Harvard University at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

61 percent of the respondents in the age group between 18 and 29 years prefer a Democrat President this fall, and 33 percent prefer a Republican. This has doubled this year as a similar poll that was held last year showed a difference of just 15 percent points with Democrats in the lead.

In a head-to-head contest among the potential voters, Democrat Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump, a Republican by 61 percent to 25 percent that is with a 36 point margin. Of the surveyed youngsters, 14 percent stated that they have not decided yet.

As per the poll, the millennials largely refuse Trump. He has a maximum negative rating among the candidates included in the survey as 74 percent do not prefer him. Moreover, only 17 percent seem to have a favorable view towards the businessman. Trump’s numbers are 20 points underwater when it comes to favorability as he has 57 percent negative and 37 percent positive.

Millennials Crave For Bernie1In comparison, the GOP rivals of Trump are viewed positively by the respondents of the poll. Around 39 percent are favorable and 27 percent are unfavorable for John Kasich, Ohio Governor. For Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 56 percent are favorable and 30 percent unfavorable. On the whole, only 37 percent millennials view Clinton favorable and 53 percent are unfavorable. Of the Democrats, 65 percent are favorable and 30 percent are not.

As per the poll, Sanders is the most popular presidential candidate as he has the ability to lure young crowds to the rallies. He is favorable for 54 percent and unfavorable for 31 percent. He is the sole presidential candidate in the survey to get a positive net favorable figure.

Almost two-thirds of the polled respondents believed that men have more advantages over women in the society of the U.S. When it comes to the question of which candidate would to the most to resolve this, both Sanders and Clinton outspaced the GOP candidates. But men preferred Clinton by nine percent points, and women preferred Sanders by four percent points.

Reade More Trade Rises Sharp Debate In Election Cycle

Trade Rises Sharp Debate In Election Cycle

Trade Rises Sharp DebateDuring this year’s election cycle, the international trade has come up as a top campaign issue. There are a lot that the Americans are saying about the international trade. If you want to know more about this, here are some comments that will help you know the good and bad impacts of trade.

Mike John, a cattle rancher in Missouri stated that the pending TPP trade negotiation is highly important for the agricultural commodities, especially beef. There is a huge rise in the demand for beef in the Asian markets.

Dennis Roach, a truck driver, stated that jobs are moving to foreign countries, and we are shipping a number of products from overseas. He further added that most people have many clothes that are made in China, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc. and very few are the ones made in the U.S.

John Hickenlooper, Colorado Governor, stated that commerce between two countries existed even in history, and it led to the improvement of the quality of lives in both the countries.

Election Cycle1An MIT labor economist, David Autor, stated that in case he loses his job at a furniture factory where he had worked for decades, no cheap raincoats and toys that are sold at Wal-Mart will make him whole again.

The Congressional Research Service mentioned that NAFTA did not result in huge job losses that are feared by the critics or the huge economic gains that were predicted by the supporters. The overall effect of the NAFTA on the U.S. economy seems to be relatively modest.

John Hansen, the President of Nebraska Farmers Union, claimed that they have a more positive trade balance with the countries that they do not have an agreement with. We will better off if we did not do anything than we did a destructive thing, he added. He is also the opponent of the proposed agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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