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Protecting your home from even the most common of Pest and Rodents in California can be difficult and costly to maintain. Finding a local pest control company in California that can effectively remove these intruders and get your home back to being “Pest Free” is our mission.

Our goal and commitment is to put your needs and expectations first and match them with a local pest control company in California. We can send a pest control exterminator to your home for a quick and easy estimate and deliver a customized solution based off your homes needs and the types of pests invading your home.

We want you to be satisfied with your Pest Control Company which is why our network is filled with only the best of the best from your local area of California. Each one of our approved Pest Control companies goes through a rigorous qualification process, which allows us to connect our visitors with quality.

Bug Removal California

Types of pest invading your home will vary based on location and ecological landscape. Some of the most common types of pest in or around your area are Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Flies, Mosquitos, Bees, and other Bugs. These invaders, if left to roam free can be hazardous to your health such as a bee sting, spider bite and even some of the nasty bacteria these pests can transfer around your home. Although most pests are not aggressive towards humans or cause any harm to you or your family if left alone; however, some pest like bees, the black widow and brown recluse can bite and will need immediate medical attention. If any of these bugs are nesting in your home, we advise you to get in contact with one our qualified professionals for a free estimate. Our team of professional bug removal experts in California are here to help you solve your problem.

Rodent Control California

Rodents in California can cause headaches with homeowners and the most common around your home are rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and gophers. A few of these common rodents are also the most problematic, like the rat, mice and gopher. Gophers in particular, can cause havoc on your lawn, leaving underground burrows, large holes and pockets of uneven dirt around your lawn. Gophers are also known to chew through plastic sprinkler systems and underground utilities. Rats and Mice have similar destructive qualities to homes by chewing on electrical lines, leaving feces and chewing holes in your interior to access food storage’s. Although mice and rats prefer to live outdoors where the vegetation is fresh, they can find your home just as cozy and comfortable which is why it’s important to get a screening by one of our qualified professionals to help prevent future Rodent invasion. Our rodent control experts in California are qualified and certified to help you fix your rodent problem.

Termite Exterminators California

Termites in California are one of the most destructive pests for your home. They can cause damage in almost any nook and cranny, hard to reach place in your home and cause a lot of expensive damage to the wooden structure. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, finding wood, leaf litter, animal dropping, and soil as their main food source. No other pest or insect has even caused close to an economic impact as the Termite. To protect your home from potential heavy damage, contact a qualified termite exterminator in California at the first sign of damage. We will connect you with a 5 star rated local termite control service near California that will meet and exceed your expectations.

No doubt you have noticed, the spider population has increased this year. Remember, here in Colorado, over the past few years, we were in a drought, or recovering from a drought. So the insect and spider population was noticeably down. But now, we have had an increase in moisture which brings about an increase in insects. And when insects increase, their predators also increase – thus, the increase in spiders. What can we do about it?

One method of control for insects and spiders is an obvious one – having a clean home. Dusting and vacuuming are very good methods for controlling spiders inside your house. But then when you go outside, you may see webs and spiders around your porch lights, on your eves, under your decks, under the siding around your house and even in your mulch or bushes around your property.

You may see a beautifully made circular web, and just a few inches to the right or left you’ll see a very large spider called a web orb spider. Although they may not cause any harm to you or I, they look like a big crab sitting underneath your deck. They eat a lot of insects! With the attraction of available food comes other types of spiders, such as, black widows, wolf spiders, and cellar spiders – all wanting in on the feast.

But being a homeowner like me, you don’t want to share your home with bad or even good predators, and that’s why you need professional help to treat and get rid of spiders. Your typical household spider sprays do not have the strength to permanently eliminate a spider issue.

Spiders are killed by contact, or they may be killed ingesting a poisoned insect, or through specially designed pesticidal dusts – and sometimes even just a good old broom.

Today’s chemicals used by a professional exterminator are residual – which means they last long enough in the area applied to allow spiders and insects to pass through and absorb through their exoskeleton, or be poisoned by eating another poisoned insect, or possibly even by grooming themselves in a treated area. The point is, today’s professionals have the education necessary to access and determine the best possible treatment for your specific needs and protection.


Bees, Wasps and Hornets – The Flying Stingers We Fear

These are pests that we have a love-hate relationship with. Yes, we love to see all the pollinators doing what they do best and that�s keeping flowers and plants, well�, pollinated. They fly from flower to flower buzzing happily doing what they’re meant to do and doing it very well. We remain quietly at a safe distance, taking time to smell the flowers and watching nature hard at work, when suddenly, much to our dismay, we are noticed and now we get attacked and stung.

You may ask, “What did I do?” Sorry you’re not the first nor will you be the last person stung with out provocation. It could be a color we wore or a cologne/perfume we have on or maybe a sudden movement. Who knows? All we know is, we are now a victim of some little insects� right for protection. Then we turn and notice a large wasp nest in the eave of our home. What now?

Bees are probably the nicest of the stingers. They are a social little bunch and tolerate a lot before attacking. One good reason is they can only sting once, yes it�s a kamikaze attack for them and their not in too much of a hurry to end it. I think their view is “so many flowers and too little time to pollinate them all” so they don’t want to give it all up on a whim. You have to be threatening the hive or them before the sting comes.

Many mistake a Yellow Jacket for a Bee. Bees are smaller and are fuzzy with orange and black features. Yellow Jackets are not fuzzy and are yellow and black. Bees orange, and Yellows Jackets, yellow. (For emphasis)

Yellow Jackets are by far the meanest of the group. They most definitely attack without provocation and unlike bees they can sting multiple times. Wasps also can sting multiple times and there is a wide variety of them around. Also there is a large variety of hornets but don’t forget the feisty bumble bee. He�s an ill tempered little bully too.

The question asked earlier was what to do once your home has been invaded by these stinging pests. Do not attempt the extermination yourself. You may find yourself getting more than you bargained for and you or a family member could even end up in a hospital. Call a professional exterminator for the Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Hornets or Bees. You may even consider an experienced Bee Keeper for the Bees. We, as exterminators don’t really like to kill Bees but if they are a danger to you and your family, you come first.

So think safety first, not always money. There are enough Pest Control professionals around to get a good price. Be sure to always ask them if they are licensed and insured.

Bed Bug Exterminator Cornelia, GA — Everyday Exterminators is a specialist in the removal of bed bugs in your home or business. While we all have heard that nursery saying, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” and giggled, finding bed bugs in your bed is definitely no laughing matter. When it comes to pests, bed bugs are usually the most challenging species to kill. Bed bugs in Cornelia, Georgia are extremely tiny, elusive and are difficult to detect.

You’ll find bed bugs hiding within the folds of all types of fabrics which include: mattresses, curtains, clothing, carpets, couches, etc.. Very quickly, bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in these areas, undetected and cause infestations. Bed bugs survive off of feeding on blood and can cause human reactions such as: rashes ad skin discomfort.

Need bed bug pest control Cornelia, GA? Everyday Exterminators prides ourselves on connecting you to the best Cornelia exterminators available to help you get rid of your bed bug infestations. Our specialists focus exclusively on your Cornelia bed bug problem.

Bed Bug Treatment Cornelia, GA

Our Cornelia bed bug exterminators use proven methods to eliminate your bed bug problems. Services provided include: visual bed bug inspections, Cyronite / Freezing, Dry Vapor Steam / Hepa vacuuming, Bed bug chemical and pesticide treatments, bed bug monitoring systems, bed bug mattress and box spring encasement’s as well as heat treatments. When you need bed bug extermination Cornelia, Georgia — contact Everyday Exterminator.

Proper treatment of bed bugs take a minimum of three visits from a professional, qualified pest control Cornelia, GA specialist.

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation Cornelia, Georgia:

All beds should be removed and the linens laundered. (120 F Minimum)

Mattresses and box spring need removed from the bed frame.

All closets need to be empty and clothing laundered or cleaned.

Clothes should be sealed in black plastic bags and placed in direct sunlight for approximately 4 hours to “cook” any bugs that may still be inside the clothing after being washed.

All Furniture needs to be moved a minimum of 3 feet from the walls.

Furniture needs to be available for inspection and possible treatment.

Heavily infested mattresses must be discarded.

Dresser drawers need to be emptied and removed.

Carpet may need to be pulled for treatment of cracks and crevices.

It is good practice, but not required, to perform the above preparation measures before contacting a bed bug Cornelia, GA exterminator. This will ensure that your problem is more quickly eliminated.

Bed Bugs Cornelia, Georgia

Bed bug exterminator Cornelia, GA — From single family homes to five star hotel rooms, no dwelling is exempt from the possibility of having bed bugs. Bed bugs are easily and unknowingly transported all over the place. They can be hiding in a piece of luggage, a shoe, even a pant leg. Young bed bugs are nearly invisible to the naked eye, while full grown bed bugs are on 6mm in length. If you find you have a case of bed bugs Cornelia, GA — contact us immediately and well help you eliminate them quickly and efficiently. Don’t suffer bed bugs, call Everyday Electrician, your connection to bed bug exterminators Cornelia, GA.

What are bed bugs?
bugs, bed-bugs, or bedbugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known, as it prefers to feed on human blood.

The name “bed bug” derives from the preferred habitat of Cimex lectularius: warm houses and especially near or inside beds and bedding or other sleep areas. Bed bugs are mainly active at night, but are not exclusively nocturnal. They usually feed on their hosts without being noticed. If you find an infestation of bed bugs in your home or business, contact Everyday Exterminator to get your bed bugs Cornelia, GA eliminated for good. Not sure if you have bed bugs? We also provided bed bug inspections Cornelia, GA.

Bed bugs, as the name implies, are commonly associated with areas where we sleep. These insects lay dormant during daylight hours in small cracks and crevices, coming out at night to feed on our blood. Bedbugs often hide near bedding areas, but can travel up to 100 feet to obtain a meal. Most activity occurs between midnight and 7:00 a.m. The bite of a bedbug is painless, but most people will develop an allergic reaction to the saliva transferred from the bugs as they feed. The reaction will result in red swollen and itchy skin. Rid your home of bed bugs Cornelia, GA, contact us today!


Bat Removal Cedar Rapids, IA — Do you need bat removal or wildlife removal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Everyday Exterminators is on call for all of your emergency bat & wildlife removal needs. Once bats move into a house, they rarely relocate, unless evicted using proper bat exclusion techniques. Locating entry points are known to be the best way of how to get rid of multiple bats fast. Place them from the outside of your house, as well as inside the attic.

For professional, bat removal in Cedar Rapids, IA, please get in touch today with Everyday Exterminator’s & Wildlife Removal and we will get you connected to the best in the Cedar Rapids area.

Despite the risk of rabies, bats are beneficial in controlling insects. States, like Arkansas, usually have laws protecting bats. There are no pesticides registered to control bats.

Everyday Exterminator’s wildlife removal partners have provided bat and other animal trapping services on residential homes and commercial buildings in Cedar Rapids, IA for an average of 7 years or more. When you need a humane wildlife trapping company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, specializing in bat removal and colony relocation, call us today! Our wildlife removal experts trap, exclude and relocate all nuisance wild animals small to large.

Contact our office for more information on wildlife control and restrictions on bat control Cedar Rapids, IA measures. 1-877-376-0016

What To Do When A Bat Is In The House?

Remain calm and keep pets and children away. The bat will tend to fly in a U-shaped path, flying higher near the walls and lower in the center of the room, so keep near a wall.

Close interior doors and give the bat a single way to get outside. If the bat doesn’t exit on their own, it is best to wait until they land to try to catch them or to call a wildlife removal Cedar Rapids, IA professional.

Bat Removal Cost Cedar Rapids, IA

Costs can vary. But there are 3 main principles:

Bat control is highly specialized work, with unique licensing and liability risks.

You usually get what you pay for, and cheap companies tend to do “not so good” work.

There is no one-price-fits-all. Each bat job is different.

With that said, on average a homeowner will send approximately $300-$400 for bat removal Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

After Bat Removal Cedar Rapids, IA

Once the bats and animals are excluded, Everyday Exterminator’s wildlife removal partners can perform all the necessary proofing repairs to prevent the bats and other wildlife animals from returning. When bats are removed from the attic, attic restoration or clean up of damaged insulation is highly recommended to get your attic to its correct, clean condition. Bat guano (their feces) carry a wide range of bacteria and fungi spores which can become airborne if not treated correctly. For bat removal, maintenance and proofing in Cedar Rapids, IA — contact us.

Wildlife & Bat Removal Cedar Rapids Experts

Everyday Exterminator’s has partnered with a larger service to get you connected to wildlife or bat removal experts in Cedar Rapids, IA. When you need a local pest control expert in Cedar Rapids, call us!

Everyday Exterminators recommends calling at least 4 pest control companies to get an estimate. We help you do this by connecting you automatically to the top exterminators in Cedar Rapids, IA who can safely remove wild animals from your home humanely.


A common occurrence in late spring and summer are Bee or Wasp swarms. Although many swarms are migrating and will leave the property without building a nest within the space of a couple of days they can still cause undue stress or worry. If the problem does persist beyond this time then a nest has most likely been established and we’re on hand and ready to ensure its destruction. The nest is fumigated with either an effective insecticide spray or foam which are either sprayed directly into the nest or sprayed in the vicinity which the occupants carry into the nest upon their return. Honey or Bumble Bee nests would not be subject to extermination due to their classification as protected species. A beekeeper is sent out instead who will remove the nest without killing the Bees.

If you run a food business, it is a legal requirement to ensure your property has adequate procedures to prevent and address the risk any pest issues may cause. We offer a contract service where a number of visits per year are provided to ensure your property is being protected and any required treatment is taken care of.

If you are reporting numerous bites or you have detected a number of tiny droppings in the house you may have a Bed Bug, Flea or Cockroach infestation. These pests have notoriety in regards to their resistance to extermination and the difficulty to subdue. To overcome this obstacle, our pest controllers are licensed to use very potent sprays and treatment products. Bed Bugs and Fleas are subject to an extensive spray treatment in the property and Cockroaches are treated through the implementation of sticky gel bait in salient areas where the Cockroaches will find the bait which in itself carries a high chance of success.

Mice, Rats and Squirrels can infest a property and can cause serious structural problems in the long term. As they need to keep gnawing to inhibit the constant growth of their front incisors, they can gnaw through electrical wiring and cause structural damage (damage to electrical wiring carries the risk of electrical fires.) The indicators of an infestation would be the sound of scratching inside the walls or ceiling or through visual evidence in the form of droppings or holes. If this happens just contact us and we can proceed in tackling the problem. The pest controller will investigate the property, determine the hot spots for rodent activity and apply the bait boxes and poisons throughout the property, aiming for the total destruction of the rodent infestation. Whilst on site we usually arrange a second visit to re-attend for trap retrieval.

Insect infestations when they occur can be an irritant but they are easily treated using powders or sprays as appropriate. The powder we use is very effective against Ants, they digest it and the effects emerge with immediate effect. The sprays are effective against Moths, Flies and other insects.

Have you experienced any Bird disturbances? In the past few years we have expanded into the service of providing deterrence services through the implementation of netting or spikes to prevent any unwelcome Bird habitation. We aim to deliver a high quality and competitively priced Bird deterrent service through identifying the primary areas (either through investigative work or through your advice) and determining the best treatment measures through careful consideration. Anti-Bird netting can be applied to prevent Birds entering and roosting in areas you do not want to be disturbed and bird control spikes can be fitted to ledges and locations Birds tend to perch to keep them Bird-free.

On a few occasions you may find your garden has been invaded by Moles. Through the creation of hills and tunnels, Moles undermine both your garden’s appearance but also compromise the lawn’s integrity through tunnelling. Traps are placed down the Mole holes which catch any intrigued Moles, killing them on contact.

Removal of dead pests with no required treatment is also a service we provide. If you find yourself with a dead pest that needs disposing we are only a phone call away. We understand the displeasure the decomposition stage can cause and would be happy to remedy the problem for you.


When we were in Florida recently we were amazed to learn about a new pest which has invaded the southern United States. The fire ant is everywhere, especially in Florida, and it’s a tiny but dangerous insect.

Wherever you look … on lawns, golf courses, even in cracks in the pavement, you will often come across mounds made by fire ant colonies. Fire ants are tiny … just over three millimetres long … and you can’t easily see them unless you bend over and look closely. But if you accidentally step on one of their mounds, instantly thousands of fire ants will swarm out of the ground looking for something to attack. Fire ants don’t bite; they sting like wasps. They hold on with their mouthparts and inject venom into skin through a stinger on their abdomen. And you’re likely to be stung hundreds of times if you unknowingly disturb a mound.

Naturally, we had to investigate what would happen if we did disturb a mound. We carefully stepped onto one, and then very quickly took our feet away. The reaction was instantaneous. Tiny fire ants by the thousands came boiling out of cracks in the dirt, and within seconds the surface of the mound was covered in ants.

Fire ants are active and aggressive, swarming over anyone or anything that disturbs their nest … animals, birds, livestock, pets, or people. An accidental encounter with a fire ant nest could leave you with burning pain, followed by tiny, itching pustules, and sometimes even more severe reactions including anaphylactic shock . These ants will swarm over anything that threatens their mound or that looks like food, whether it be old people, crawling babies, injured birds, bedridden hospital patients, or you just out walking.

Fire ants are originally from South America, where dozens of fire ant species exist. There have been two introductions of fire ants which have led to current problems. The black and red fire ant both arrived in Alabama in the early to mid 1900’s from South America, probably in ship cargoes. From there they spread all over the southern United States.

Fire ants individually are hard to identify because they look much like ordinary ants. They are a few millimetres long and reddish brown to black in color. Fire ants in a colony are probably most easily distinguished by their aggressive behavior and characteristic mound-shaped nest. Their nests have no obvious openings, but just under the surface are many tunnels, allowing thousands of ants to emerge in just a few seconds.

Fire ants don’t always live in soil; any dark, protected site with moisture and a supply of food will do. Fire ants will nest in rotten logs, walls of buildings, under sidewalks and roads, in automobiles, and even in dried cow manure.

The reason that fire ants are such a concern is that the ants don’t take a bite out of you, like other ants, but instead actually sting you, injecting venom from a stinger on their abdomen. Moreover, each ant can contine to sting you over and over. Hundreds of aggressive ants stinging continously can cause serious pain and swelling, and can be fatal to children, small animals, or people with allergies.

In rural areas, fire ants are having a major impact on ground-nesting animals, including insects, reptiles, birds and mammals. In some areas, fire ants have completely eliminated some species from the ecosystem.

Fire ant colonies consist of eggs, larvae and pupae, and adult ants. Adult ants include winged males, winged females, one or more egg producing queens, and workers. Within a colony the worker ants come in various sizes, all small, and they are all sterile, wingless females. Young workers care for the queens, pupae, and eggs, while older workers search for food and defend the colony.

The average fire ant colony contains 100,000 to 500,000 workers, and up to several hundred winged ants. Most mounds contain only one egg laying queen, however multiple queen colonies are known to occur in some parts of the southern U.S. states. The mound of a new colony is not noticeable until several months after a new queen begins laying eggs.

The below-ground portion of a fire ant mound is a complex of tunnels and chambers that may extend a metre underground. The upper portion of the mound, above ground, can reach a height of 30 to 50 centimetres, but in sandy soils the mounds are very low, sometimes evident only by the colour of the soil. Mounds we observed in Florida were often almost impossible to see until you stepped on them … a definite hazard if you were to stop walking while standing on one!

Fire ants are omnivorous, feeding on almost any plant or animal material, although insects seem to be their preferred food. Fire ants in towns and cities nest in the walls of homes and offices, under sidewalks and roads. The presence of fire ants can deter outdoor activities in yards, parks and school grounds. Home invasions can threaten small children and the elderly.

Fire ant colonies have been found inside automobiles, trucks and recreation vehicles Traffic accidents have been caused by fire ants stinging the drivers of automobiles. Victims of highway accidents can be attacked by fire ants if they are thrown from their vehicles.

Fire ants are attracted by electrical currents, and have caused considerable damage to heat pumps, air conditioners, telephone junction boxes, transformers, traffic lights, and gasoline pumps.

Damage estimates in the U.S. range from millions to billions of dollars annually. In Texas alone, it is estimated that fire ants cost the state $300 million annually. The beef cattle industry alone suffers losses estimated at $67 million per year.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually for control of the fire ant.



1. We understand and value our reputation and know that every customer can be our best (or worst) advertisement. Therefore we make every effort to ensure that every customer has a positive experience with our company.
• We have 15 years in the industry (i.e. we’re not the new kids on the block!)
• Returning customers – a sign of a previous good experience
• Referral customers – referred by a happy customer

We have built a reputation for superior service and we now have a strong following of returning customers and referrals that is growing each month that makes up a large percentage of our clientele.

2. We understand the role of communication in building a trusting relationship with clients, both during and after the sale

We have technicians available for your neighborhood, and we also offer speedy email answers to your questions.

We understand that when you’re looking for a pest control company, you want more than just an instant online booking service. You want personal contact and your questions answered by people who have the answers.

3. Our inspections are clear, informative and honest with no embellishment. What we tell you is what you get.
When we inspect your property for pests, we look for anything that could be providing pests with the three basic necessities: food, water and shelter. Once we inspect your home, we are able to provide you with a clear explanation of what needs to be done and what you can expect once the service is completed.

4. Our phones are manned 6 days per week should you need assistance.
Our phones are manned 6 days a week, assuring our customers that they have the security of our team available. Should you have an emergency, we monitor our office phone after hours as well so anything important will be dealt with in a timely manner.

One of our principles is to keep improving ourselves. We are experts in what we do and we make sure we remain at the top of our field. We will not accept any problem at face value, but we will inspect it carefully and tell you in all truthfulness what we consider to be your best options. We will always be in a position to suggest things to you-and then carry them out. This is the real nature of our work. And we’re really good at it.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Applicator
• Bora-Care Certified
• BASF Termidor Certified

Please click the link below to write us a review on Google, we are always looking for feedback from our valued customers

Services Offered:

General Pest Control

Termite Control

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Rodent Exclusions

Garland Pest Control Service: Mr. Bug Man Pest Control Helps You Deal with Pesky Pests

You may love having guests over, but surely ants, rats and cockroaches are not invited. No one in their right mind would want to come home to fleas. In fact, homeowners don’t even want to think about sharing their homes with any kind of pests. Nonetheless, pests pose a very real threat and are more widespread than you may imagine.

Pests can be easily spotted during the day, but the nocturnal ones, like rats and mice, are difficult to spot. It’s difficult to spot them during the day, but you may find partially nibbled food, droppings, burrows and nests if you have rats or mice in your home. It’s scary to think what may be lurking in the unseen areas of your home.

You can avoid the infestation of some pests simply by keeping your house clean. But others need to be disposed of with the help of a knowledgeable Garland pest control service. A pest control service may use several methods to rid your home of unwanted insects and rodents.

It helps to know that pests want three things that are easily available in your home. These include food, water and shelter. Though most insects are not quite keen on another basic necessity – clothing, clothing moths can often raid your wardrobe to snip away at the fabric, ruining them for good. It is necessary to have an ongoing Garland pest control service maintenance program to ensure that infestations are under control and future ones do not arise. The service may also offer you tips and suggestions to help keep pests at bay.

Garland Pest Control Service – Mr. Bug Man Pest Control: Common Pests

Ants are a constant source of irritation. They can wreak havoc indoors or out and to exterminate them the Garland pest control service will find the main nest and destroys it. Without destroying the nest the ants will only regroup and return.

Cockroaches are also extremely difficult to control, which is not surprising since they can go into hiding and live for a very long time without food or water. The best way to keep roaches out is by keeping your house clean. Once infested, roaches are not easy to get rid of. The Garland pest control service uses federally approved pesticides to keep this tenacious pest out of your home. A spotlessly clean house, especially the kitchen, is the best strategy as far as roaches are concerned.

Different kinds of bugs swarm in spring and autumn and form a significant part of the pest control service’s business. They can interfere with your comfort at home or with your gardening Pests can grow in number very quickly, so it’s a good idea to call us as soon as possible. Bugs are best dealt with by a qualified Garland pest control service.

People especially dislike fleas because they can cause physical discomfort. Some pests are nocturnal and feed on human blood. Your local Garland pest control service takes special care to rid you of this problem. All beds are stripped bare and every crevice and joint examined. Even the seams and buttons of mattresses may be teeming with these parasites.

Cats and dogs are carriers of fleas and children playing with the pets may be tormented by the fleas. They are not particularly difficult to control. One Garland pest control service treatment should do the trick. Dust mites as well are often found in every home and can cause allergic reactions like asthma. Though difficult to get rid of, the simple rule of thumb is the less dust, the fewer dust mites.

Garland Pest Control Service: Mr. Bug Man Pest Control Tips for Pest Control

Always keep an eye out for any pest trouble. Most pest problems are better nipped in the bud and can be easily controlled if spotted early enough. If neglected they can snowball into a much bigger problem. A knowledgeable Garland pest control service will suggest several basic things that can be done to prevent infestation.

Using amber lighting outside keeps insects from being attracted to bright lights. Caulking any cracks and joints is also a good idea because it helps prevent roaches and other insects from using it as their hiding place. Also, cleanliness goes a long way in helping you keep your house pest free. Pests are tiny, and as a knowledgeable Garland pest control service will tell you, they can survive even on the smallest crumbs. Keeping the outside of the house clean is equally important. Piles of leaves and other rubbish in your backyard form excellent nesting and hiding places for a wide variety of rodents and insects. It’s important to clean up yard debris on a regular basis.

While following the above tips will help you prevent infestation, if you do find that your house has been invaded by pests, you are better off calling the Garland Pest control service.

Garland Pest Control Services: Mr. Bug Man Pest Control – Keeping You Pest Free

While a reputable Garland pest control service is not against homeowners attempting to get rid of the occasional fly or ant on their own, they advise exercising caution. If you are attempting to use pesticides on your own, pay a great deal of attention to how you handle them, and always follow the label instructions. For more tips and ideas about how to avoid these unwanted guests in your home, talk to your local Garland Pest control service.

Pest control technicians are trained professionals who understand what makes pests thrive and what kills them. An average homeowner may not have such specialized knowledge. So if you find any signs of pest infestation in your house, it is better to call for your nearest Garland pest control service rather than attempting to handle it on your own.

The professionals are trained in locating the root cause of the problem and attacking it there. They use the latest and best equipment and technology, with minimum interference to your daily schedule. Once the infestation is taken care of a reliable Garland pest control service will give you useful tips to keep your home free of pests.

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