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Animal control covers a wide variety of services ranging from a onetime visit to a program of planned and repeated visitations for a reoccurring problem. Texas is home to a wide range of wild animals which include many species which can put your home and family in danger and even jeopardize their health and safety. Many species can also cause varying degrees of property damage which can include from destruction of yard grass and flower beds from burrowing, digging and rooting for food to undermining a homes’ foundation and floors from different types of wild animals digging and burrowing under your home. Some animals will also invade a homes’ attic or crawl spaces and is a common place for them to build their nests. If this occurs in your home, the point of entry must be discovered. The usual points are the corners of the roof where the soffit meets the rooftop. A thorough search of the eaves will normally divulge the entry point. Another entry point can be through the gaps under barrel tiled roofs. Once the infestation has been removed, the entrance must be blocked and sealed to prevent any re-entry.

For animal control to be efficient and effective, many different types of strategies involving different types of traps and baits must be implemented. The proper choice will depend on the type of nuisance animal and the location of the problem. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the most efficient methods of animal control and removal to provide you with the optimal choice for your problem.

Most problems are caused by the animals’ primal activities crossing paths and intersecting with humans and their habitat. An animal’s daily life consists of a few main actions which are necessary to their survival and are done on an ongoing daily basis. Proper animal control involves taking all these factors into account when deciding upon the proper method to eradicate the problem. These activities include the search for food, water, shelter, and a protected place to raise their young.

Some of the main problems in Texas creating the need for professional animal control are caused by the following wild creatures:

Roosting birds
Snapping turtles

There are a variety of things a homeowner can do to provide a measure of animal control in addition to the services provided by us as professionals. These would include pre-emptive precautionary measures such as:

Do not leave pet food or water dishes out over night.
Keep trash cans tightly covered and placed in a garage or a secure shed if you have one.
Restrict access to pools or ponds to mitigate the animals search for water.
Block access to the underside of free standing sheds to prevent animals from entering to build nests.
Professional animal control must be utilized when these measures do not prevent or solve the animal infestation. Failure to do so can result in a myriad of safety and health issues for your family and your home.

These include:

Threat of gnawing and chewing: Rats, mice, and squirrels in the attic, crawl space, or walls are a direct threat to the electrical wiring, plumbing, and AC ducts inside the attic and other spaces. All types of rodents gnaw or chew constantly, and their unchecked infestation and presence constitutes a severe fire hazard in your home and expensive repairs.

Threat of disease: Many wild animals can spread infectious diseases, not the least serious of which is rabies which can result in severe illness and even death if left untreated. Disease can also be caused by the presence of feces, a dead and decaying animal or from parasites from infected animals.

Threat of bodily harm: Numerous attacks occur against humans and pets each year from wild creatures who feel trapped, threatened, or who are simply trying to protect their young.
We provide the proper, most effective methods of trapping and removal services for all residential and commercial properties and structures done in a fast, reliable and efficient manner.

We provide animal control. Call us.





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