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Our tree care and landscaping has certified and licensed arborists with 20 years of experience in the landscaping business. We can address all your commercial and residential tree care requirements at affordable rates, including tree trimming.

We provide an extensive range of tree care services according to your specific needs. We never mind visiting your property to perform a tree risk assessment, including disease and pest diagnosis. Based on the health analysis of your trees, we can suggest appropriate measures to improve safety and health, including tree felling, cabling, and bracing.

To promote lasting tree beauty and tree life, we can provide tree trimming and tree pruning. Experienced tree care experts, we have mastered the art of tree branch removal without damaging tree stems or trunk woods. Our practice ensures affected trees can heal quickly too.

Through pruning and trimming, we can remove diseased tree limbs, dead parts, and any branches that are at the risk of falling. This can also improve air circulation and light penetration for healthy growth of trees. We also offer tree shaping to deliver amazing looks for the plants in your yard.

You can count on us when you need assistance with tree chipping and tree stump grinding. Using the right equipment, such as tree chippers, we can save time and money by getting the job done quickly and easily. We grind all stumps from cut trees to remove the risk of injury as well as keep your property looking neat. Let us take good care of your trees all year long. We conduct ourselves professionally, and we always keep our word.

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Are you looking for the best tree surgeon?  Look no further than our highly skilled and professional tree surgeons for the best arborists in your area! We have the top rated tree surgeons at the best prices.

Our tree fellers live and breathe trees. We can help with any job involving trees, shrubs and vines whether on commercial or residential land, you can trust us to carry out the job needed in the top proficient manner.

The Leading Tree Services Company

Aside from the obvious upkeep of trees, we also offer many services from stump removal, trimming trees and hedges, tree pruning, transplanting trees, tree prevention and many other of your tree needs.

Trees in urban areas are often in need of a little TLC, which is why our tree surgeons take great care in loving our trees for us, some trees may need removing to enable the land around them to flourish which would mean the tree removal would be vital, but as well as this, our surgeons know the importance of trees to our environment which is why we also offer to plant more trees for you.

Top Qualified Surgeons

Many people don’t know the importance of tree surgery and the skills our tree surgeons use in their everyday jobs, tree surgery is not a simple task and has to be carried out by top qualified surgeons using a high level of expertise.

Tree pruning includes removal of dead or diseased trees or storm damaged branches, reducing the height of a tree or removing obstructing branches, thinning the crown to promote better growth and shaping the tree for aesthetic reasons.

Tree prevention may be needed to avert the roots of a tree damaging the surrounded environment, which may also be the reason for a tree removal. In some cases the roots of a large tree start to lift the earth around the tree which could cause damage to houses or driveways in ways we can see and also cannot see. In some instances the roots of a tree can take a lot of moisture from the earth which could create unstable foundations for buildings and other structures.

Tree Surveying & Inspection

Tree surveying is another service in which we offer where we assess the tree and its condition. what could look like a healthy tree may in fact be hallow and structurally unstable. Leafless trees and stripped bark can be signs of pest infestation or even a fungal disease. Tree surveys are important to our historical trees and their benefits to the surrounding nature.

Other Services Include  Hedge Trimming & Tree Pruning

Other services provided by our arborists include the smaller jobs such as hedge trimming and other shrubbery maintenance. We also offer assistance in larger jobs such as site clearance- which may be needed on either residential or commercial land, helping in the preparations for building sites or joining in a clear up after a storm by clearing trees, roots, vines and bushes.

Give us a call today and we will be happy to discuss the task you would like completed to a high standard.

Prices & Affordability

At affordable rates, you can ensure you will be given the best prices with the right tree surgeons for you. You can also expect to be greeted by our tree surgeons with a friendly smile and kind, respectful and very professional personalities, why would you want to go anywhere else?

Our arborists put a lot of careful planning into their work to enable the job is done to the best of their abilities, using all correct equipment and taking the correct safety precautions into consideration for each individual job carried out. You can guarantee our tree surgeons are highly qualified and trained well with the equipment they use, enabling you to feel at ease knowing the job will be to a high and safe standard.

Our tree fellers take great pride in their local communities and making the area look at its best.

We take the areas surroundings into consideration when carrying out each individual job with respect for the residents and their homes. The use of loud equipment such as chainsaws may be needed but we are aware in residential areas which hours in the day are best for use of these.

As well as being fully insured, we also find satisfaction in knowing the job is completed correctly and the site in which the job took place is left clear and tidy once we are finished.

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Our company provides tree service from top to bottom. That means that no matter what the trees on your property may need, we will be able to meet those needs with professional quality. For over 2 decades, we have been administering tree service that has consistently yielded expert results. Our customers are always pleased with our work and that is why so many of them return to us for all of their future tree service needs and refer us to their closest friends and relatives.

When you hire us for tree service, you get the complete spectrum of tree service. No matter what you need, if it involves tress we will be there for you every step of the way. That is our promise. We have lots of experience with the various aspects of tree services most needed. There is virtually nothing we haven’t done when it comes to tree services. Our tree service is fast and efficient as well. You will see fabulous results very quickly when you call on us.

Here is some of what our tree service includes:

● Tree Removal—Sometimes trees become too much of a nuisance or annoyance to your property and your home life. If this should be the case for you, give us a call and we will be there with the safest and most responsible tree removal service available.

● Tree Feeding—In order for your trees to be as healthy and lush as possible, they need the right nutrients. We work with high quality tree food that is formulated to make your trees healthy and strong.

● Tree Pruning—Tree pruning is essential for the overall health and growth of your trees. Pruning removes dead and unattractive limbs from your trees, ensuring the growth of new and healthy ones.

These are only a few of the tree services we offer. For the full menu, contact our staff today!


Believe it or not, many homeowners overlook the need for tree trimming for their property’s trees. For some reason or other, it is simply one of those things that frequently slip through the cracks of homeowner responsibility but let us assure you, it is a vital service for your trees and your property. We see some pretty erratic weather and these patterns can only magnify the hazard of untrimmed trees. Luckily, we offers easy and fast tree trimming services.

We have more than 25 years of experience in tree trimming and other vital outdoor services. Other companies simply can’t match our level of experience or our commitment to customer satisfaction. We will listen closely to you if you have any specific desires for your tree trimming service and we will do our utmost to realize them. Do right by your lawn and your property as a whole by hiring us for quality tree trimming services today. No matter how large your home property is, we will be able to handle all of your trees.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider professional tree trimming services:

● Pest Control—Did you know that many pests and rodents can make their home in your overgrown trees? Unkempt trees are the perfect homes for rats, raccoons, bats, and other unsavory creatures.

● Home Improvement—When you have trees on your property that are untrimmed and growing wild, it can make your entire home look messy. Don’t let your trees send the wrong message about you as a homeowner. Let us administer professional tree trimming services for the beauty of your home soon.

● Safety—Fallen limbs can wreak havoc on your property, for your pets, and even for your family. Take care of them and ensure that your outdoor areas are safe areas.

No matter what your reasons may be, you should hire us for the best tree trimming services in the city. Call today!


Hiring a professional arborist to care and maintain for your trees is indeed a must. Even if we presume to have a “green thumb,” we do not possess the necessary knowledge brought about by studying the science of tree care and maintenance nor can we assume to have “enough experience” in the same. Arborists are certified to have achieved both knowledge and experience in providing tree services to homeowners and if you are keen in selecting the right man for the job, your trees will be nurtured magnificently.

Since professional arborists spend their time improving their experience and expertise in the care of trees, they can provide you with a wide range of tree maintenance services. These would include tree pruning and trimming, tree removal, stump grinding or removal, tree surgery, and miscellaneous service such as reusing wood left over from pruning or removal jobs.

In pruning or trimming your trees, arborists aim to keep the trees healthy by removing branches that are already dead or dying, decayed, or infected by disease and tree rot that might affect the other parts of the tree if left unabated. Pruning also aids significantly in fruit production of fruit-bearing trees thereby increasing their productivity. Moreover, pruning serves to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful.

Tree removal is one of the major services provided by professional arborists. Tree removal requires special equipment and skill on the part of the arborist to ensure that the job is performed safely without endangering the homeowner’s property or that of the surrounding properties, interfere with utility lines, or damage other trees and plant life.

Along with tree removal services, professional arborists usually perform stump grinding or removal work. Stump grinding or removal can sometimes be provided free of charge by some tree maintenance companies but when stumps would prove difficult to grind or remove and require special equipment to accomplish the task.

A number of professional arborists also practice a more specialized field in tree care and maintenance known as tree surgery. They treat disease and tree rot especially of fruit-bearing or flowering trees. They also treat young saplings and help them grow into sturdy trees. A tree surgeon’s job is quite particular which requires experience and training on the part of the arborist.

When you hire a professional arborist to care for you trees, you get these services enumerated and maybe a whole lot more especially if you can find one who is responsive to your needs and that of your trees.


How much are you willing to pay for the care and maintenance of your trees? When cost becomes an issue, then it is time to start doing your homework and start making a comparative analysis on the quotes and estimates given by companies and professional arborists. This will help you decide on an acceptable budget that will give your trees the maintenance they need without sending you to the poorhouse.

Tree services companies offer a variety of services from tree pruning and trimming to stump grinding, tree removal, and even tree surgery. The cost of these services varies since the kind of work performed differs as well. The height and size of the trees are also prime determinants of the estimates given by tree services companies. In addition rates also depend on the quality of services provided by the companies and the experience of their professional arborists.

Here is a standard guide on the costs usually charged by professional arborists depending on tree height and size: for trees reaching nearly 30 feet in height, this would usually cost $75 to $450 to prune and trim; for those over 30 feet but under 60 feet, around $150 to as high as $900; and for those over 60 feet in height, the cost would start somewhere around $200 to $1,000.

For removal of trees, those ranging under 30 feet in height would cost around $125 to $ 450, depending also on the surrounding area particularly as to the clearance of buildings and utility lines. Trees exceeding 30 feet but under 60 feet would set one back around $200 up to$900 while those trees over 60 feet usually cost $950 to $1,500 to remove.

Companies usually charge around $100 to as high as $200 for stump grinding or removal services but there are also those that just do the job for free especially if they offer “package deals.” However, there are times when stumps are particularly stubborn and specialized equipment would be needed to remove or grind the same. In such a case, companies charge separate fees in addition to standard tree services rates.

After trees are pruned, trimmed, or felled down, branches, wood, and other tree parts are left lying around the homeowner’s yard but tree services companies usually throw in cleaning jobs as part of the entire tree care and maintenance services provided. Nevertheless, should companies charge for clean-up work separately, this may cost you an additional $20 to $75 depending on the extent of the tidying up to be done.


Keeping your trees healthy and beautiful takes a lot of effort. You have to monitor their growth and keep them in tune with the changing seasons. You also have to keep up with all the new developments in tree maintenance methods and products that aid in the same. Indeed, caring for your trees will entail both effort and expenses on your part but these will definitely not be in vain. Sturdy and fine-looking trees can bring you more benefits than you would probably realize. Let us take time to assess these benefits.

First, caring and maintaining for your trees will keep them in good condition thereby increasing their productivity and this applies not only to fruit-bearing trees. Increased productivity of your trees will increase their value and collaterally, the value of your property. You may not be aware of it but the assessed value of real property also significantly increases when the trees in such property are well-maintained. Standard-sized trees not over 60 feet in height may bring in an additional $5,000 to $10,000 per tree addition to your property’s assessed value.

Second, proper tree care and maintenance will give you the increased assurance of the safety and security of your property and less chances in becoming liable for damages to other people’s properties. Take for example overhanging branches of trees in your yard. If you do not prune or trim your trees at regular intervals during the year, branches may fall off and create a nuisance in the surrounding properties or worse, fall on the property of your neighbor and cause significant damage. What’s worse, if these branches would fall on innocent individuals and cause injury. Hence, hiring a professional arborist to prune and trim your trees is essential.

Lastly, with proper tree care and maintenance, the aesthetic value of your real property is amplified. Trees provide symmetry and balance to any real property along with shrubs, hedges, and flowering plants. When your trees are well-maintained, the visual effect created is soothing, calming and clean. Moreover, surveys have shown that properties with well-manicured lawns, particularly trees are actually more profitable in the market than those with threadbare lawns.

There are certainly other benefits to be reaped from nurturing for your trees but these are some of the major advantages of doing so. While you may be shelling out some of your money for maintenance services, what you will get in return is certainly not just chopped liver.


When you are looking to make a positive impression on your own customers, Our tree service is here to lend a hand. Our commercial tree management services are professional, reliable, and reputable, and we guarantee a spectacular look on for your business property.

Whether you are considering enhancing your curb appeal, or you want to create a unique getaway for your employees, we have the experienced specialists in commercial tree maintenance and landscaping. Our commercial services include, tree planting, tree safety, tree health, and landscape maintenance. With a maintenance plan, our certified commercial arborist team will do everything from tree pruning and tree trimming, to tree shaping and thinning.

We understand the health of your trees is incredibly important to your commercial property. As a professional arborist company, we will provide tree maintenance that takes care of your tree’s health and risk assessment. This helps us spot possible weak areas before they become major issues.

Our arborists use a twofold system when assessing and identifying existing damage or potential risk. This system starts with a visual inspection and continues with the use of a high-tech machine called a resistograph. This eliminates costly mistakes and makes tree removal less complex and of course, much safer.

Our tree service also provides preventive tree care, which will save thousands of dollars in damage or expensive removal services, including stump removal and stump grinding. This minimizes any risks to your employees as well as to your customers.

We offer all-inclusive storm planning services that include lightning protection and tree bracing along with after storm pruning and cleanup. Protecting your trees during storms is invaluable and can save your green assets!

Start protecting your commercial assets by protecting your trees with our tree service. We are the premier company for commercial tree services.

We look forward to working with you!


Bad weather, lightning strikes, and high winds can all lead to the need for emergency tree services and emergencies don’t only happen on weekdays and business hours. When wind or ice leaves you with dangerous dangling tree limbs or rain-soaked ground and strong winds push ancient trees onto homes and vehicles, you need help right away – and we’ll be there for you. We offer 24/7 emergency service that is responsible, reliable, and knowledgeable about the right way to treat these hazardous situations. Don’t trust your tree removal to just anybody – make sure you choose a company that puts your property and safety first.

Training and Expertise for Tree Emergencies

At our tree service, a big part of our training and expertise lies in knowing what to do when a tree is damaged by weather. In some cases we are able to save the tree through cabling or bracing, but our top priority is always your safety. If a tree limb is dangling and posing a hazard, or if an entire tree has come down on your property, there are real dangers that need to be addressed. We are dedicated to making sure that catastrophic damage is handled correctly and safely. If you need emergency tree removal services call us right away. We’ll make sure that your emergency is taken care of as quickly as possible so that you and your family are safe.

Tree Removal Requires Special Knowledge

If a tree has come down on your property, don’t trust its removal to just anybody. Emergency tree removal is more than just taking a saw to the tree and carting the pieces away. Our expert staff has been providing emergency tree removal services for years, and we are aware of all the things that can go wrong if proper planning isn’t put into place or the proper equipment isn’t used. If you have a damaged tree that is threatening the safety of your home or surroundings, call us so that we can come out right away to help. We’ll assess the damage, determine what will work best for you, and get to work right away to make sure that the danger is past and the work is done efficiently and quickly.


We are a professional tree service company that has been providing expert pruning, and trimming services for years. Our entire staff has extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of tree and shrub care and we combine our know-how with a dedication to providing the absolute best in customer service. We strive to make sure that every customer is fully satisfied with the work we do and their interaction with us from start to finish. We are proud of our reputation for providing high quality, reliable service to our clients over the years, and we want to earn your trust as well. Call us today for your tree and shrub care needs. Whether residential or commercial, big or small, we are here to help.

Expertise You Can Count On

When it comes to tree and shrub pruning, we have the knowledge and expertise that you need to make sure that the job is done safely, competently and reliably. Tree and shrub pruning is both an art and a science. This requires an eye for making the tree’s shape more beautiful, and an understanding of the plant species and what it needs to remain healthy. Our professional arborists are extensively trained to recognize the impact of exposure, elevation, drainage and season for each type of tree and shrub. We know exactly when a tree should be pruned to ensure that it thrives, and we understand the preparation and planning that is required to make sure that the job is done safely, with no risk to your home, your landscape, or any of your surroundings.

Customer Service is a Priority

In addition to providing you with expertise in all of the technical aspects of tree and shrub pruning, we are also committed to making sure that you are satisfied with the customer service that we provide at every point. We strive to provide you with appointment times that work with your schedule, arrive on time, answer all of your questions and provide you with an estimate that is prompt and thorough. We will do the job competently and quickly and then leave your property clear of debris. We believe in building our reputation in the community one satisfied client at a time, and are eager to show you what a difference our kind of professionalism can make.

Call us today for more information on our service!


Excellent Tree Service at Affordable Rates!

Properly maintained trees add great value to your residential or commercial property. To remain healthy and beautiful, trees require proper care. Here is where our tree service steps in. We have been delivering quality and affordable tree service since 1996, making sure all our clients are totally satisfied with our performance. As the industry leading tree contractor in the area, it is our responsibility to provide impeccable craftsmanship and superior customer care. Trust your tree needs to the experienced and skilled hands of our specialists. You will be glad you did!

To give your trees the best care available, our tree surgeons are up-to-date with the latest innovations in our industry. They are also extensively trained in the best tree care procedures, to ensure the health and longevity of your trees. We participate in ongoing education programs in order to keep our competitive edge, and to ensure we provide the best possible tree service. Bear in mind that tree trimming and pruning can solve many of the issues associated with trees.

It is always in the best interest of your personal well being and safety, as well as the welfare of your trees, to call a professional tree trimming expert like ours  to make your trees look beautiful.

Our company maintains a state-of-the-art inventory of cutting-edge equipment to ensure professional, safe, and efficient project completion, whether it is a tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding job. We have a team of professional tree experts that will take care of all your tree service needs, in a timely and efficient manner. Our staff members possess a wealth of experience and expertise in caring for trees. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and after so many years in the industry, they know how to make sure you are completely satisfied with the result we attain.

We provide a complete range of tree services, including tree cutting, tree trimming, and tree removal, stump grinding, dead wooding, tree bracing and cabling, as well as fertilization and tree heath care. You can also count on our expert tree contractor to ensure the long term health and beauty of your trees and bushes, through our efficient tree care program. Many of our clients count on us to provide them with the solutions they need, and keep their property beautiful all year round. Join our extensive customer base, encompassed of satisfied clients, who seek our assistance time and again.

We pride ourselves in providing excellence in customer service, which makes us stand out from all other tree companies in the area. Since 1996, our customer service program addresses the following:

answering all calls courteously and promptly;

returning calls and keeping all appointments as promised;

keeping clients informed on all job aspects;

maintaining and monitoring quality of workmanship;

surveying customers to evaluate all phases of our tree service.

Although tree removal and tree cutting services should be a last resort, sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Tree removal should be considered in cases when you try to maintain or enhance the value of your residential or commercial property. Removing certain trees that are harming or crowding other trees, can enhance the beauty of your home. In addition, tree removal is required for trees that are diseased, dead, dying, or have become hazardous to people or property. They should be removed safely by an experienced professional. We have specialists who are ready to efficiently and safely carry out all your tree projects!

Tree trimming and tree cutting services require expertise, as well as skill, and should be left to the professionals who are licensed and insured to protect both you and your property. Let us cater to your needs, and you will experience first hand what quality service truly mean! Call us now to schedule your free, no obligation estimate. Our polite and friendly customer service agents are waiting for your call!


Unfortunately, not all the time trees recover from tree lopping. This happens when the trees that have been lopped are stressed during the time of tree lopping. The indications of weakness may not be visible, as it may still look attractive. This makes harder to convince people of the weakness until a major issue occurs.

Acceptable forms of tree lopping

On the other hand, there are two specialized forms of lopping that are acknowledged in arboriculture community: hedging and pollarding.


This is a special form of pruning that involves trimming off regrowth at regular periods. This tree lopping occurs commonly at periods of a year or two. Extending the periods increase the chances of branch failure.

You need to know that pollarding is acceptable only if a young tree has been selected to receive this type of treatment. This form can also be used to administer the risk that is associated with a larger tree that has been lopped previously.

The process of pollarding are  used to those ornamental tree species. Listed below are some of them:

• Crepe Myrtle

• Rubinia Mop Top

• Manchurian Pear


Hedge trimming may not be known for others as a form of lopping. When cutting a hedge, you are erratically trimming stems in between the branch unions.

After trimming the hedges, results can be poorly attached unions or vigorous growth. The way hedges are kept makes this form an acceptable practice.

Hedges are trimmed or pruned every year or two. Others are doing it every six months. Frequent and regular trimming stops the new shoots from growing or budding out of control and weakening under their own weight.

Nevertheless, there are few good reasons why this is still performed. It is only with the right job done and strategy that can make this project a success. You can always seek for professional tree lopping service to avoid putting your tree’s health at risk.


About Our Tree Services

We operate a 24 hour emergency call out service, and have public liability insurance.

We have a fully qualified tree surgeon, holding the highest level of accreditation.  All employees are also fully qualified in their roles.

We undertake the planning process on behalf of clients FREE OF CHARGE.  Advice & quotations are also given FOC.

Whether it’s a one off job, or an on going maintenance contract, a small hedge to cut or a large mature tree to fell, we cater for your needs.

All debris is disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion, and trees taken out by ourselves are replanted where possible.  We can also supply & plant replacement trees for clients.

We are able to overcome any site problems – busy roads, pedestrian only access, a dispute with neighbors, riverside trees, buildings in the vicinity of the tree being worked on, or restricted access, etc.

We have access to hoists, cranes, platforms, traffic management systems, and have close liaison with the council planning and tree officers, all of which means we are able to carry out jobs as efficiently as possible.

We clear away all mess arising from our work, the site is left clean & tidy.  We can take away or leave the wood, whichever is preferred.

Please feel free to ask us for more information about any of our services.


For a tree surgeon with vast knowledge and expertise in all aspects of tree surgery, our company can meet your requirements. We take great pride over the reputation we have built over time, consistently exceeding clients expectations with our high quality and reliable service. Our dedicated team of tree surgeons always provide a friendly and reliable service with excellent workmanship. All of our work is environmentally friendly, ensuring all the waste thats produced is 100% recycled.

Our company provides a personalized and unique service that cannot be compared to any tree surgeons. We will always complete all work with care and attention taking into account surrounding wildlife, with minimum disruption to your garden or site. The site will always be left in a safe, clean and tidy condition once work is completed. This will give our clients the peace of mind that not only will you be receiving and first class service with excellent value for money, our work will have no affect on your surroundings and the environment.

All of our tree surgeons have been highly trained in safety procedures and how to use the latest equipment. We stop at nothing to ensure safety is treated as a priority, completing a comprehensive risk assessment prior to starting work. For a reliable, prompt and high quality tree surgeon look no further than our company. Our variety of work ensures we meet all our clients requirements and all of our services are available at an unrivaled value for money.

Call us now to arrange for a free quotation and expert advice!

If you would like to know more about our services or products, please contact us today.


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Pruning is necessary for the good health of your trees. Did you know that in forests, trees essentially prune one another through close contact? In your yard, they need an expert. Call us now and let us keep your trees healthy and green.

Pruning vs. Trimming

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, pruning is done for reasons related to health and safety, while trimming is done primarily for improving appearance. Both types of cutting should be done by a professional tree company to ensure that no damage is done.

In general, you should not thin the crown by more than 25 percent. When it’s finished, living branches should comprise at least two-thirds of the total height of the tree. Cutting further can be damaging, or even fatal.

Reasons to Prune

Branches can become decayed or infested with insects. Cut them before the problem spreads throughout the tree. Weak limbs can also cause a hazard to property or people.

Pruning should be performed when branches threaten the safety of people or your home. Strong winds can take a branch that is dead or diseased and turn it into a projectile that could crash through a window. The weight of winter ice can cause a branch to fall on a person, crash through a roof, or onto a car.

It may be necessary to thin out the crown of the tree so that air can pass through it more easily. If the growth is too thick and the trunk is weakened, the tree can lean or topple over in a windstorm.

Proper pruning can promote fruit production or flowering during certain times of the year. If you love your prized apples or magnolias, call us to cut them back properly and improve your harvest.

When Tree Pruning  – Less is More

The goal is to remove just enough, so as not to compromise the tree’s health. Removing too many branches makes the entire tree vulnerable to infection, just as an open wound risks human health. It also leaves fewer leaves to perform the task of photosynthesis, which turns sunlight into energy. Knowing how to prune properly will keep the tree healthy. We have been tree pruning since 1993, and have the experience and knowledge you need to do the job right.

Best Pruning Techniques

Pruning Young Growth

Shaping a tree when it is still young promotes proper formation and prevents problems early. It ensures that the strongest branches – those at the right height – stay healthy. It also prevents the formation of low-hanging branches that can obstruct passageways and rub against your house.

When to Cut

The general rule governing tree pruning is to prune flowering specimens within 30 days after they bloom to keep the growth in a thriving state. Cutting other varieties in late fall and winter, the dormant season, prevents a host of problems such as sap loss. Insects and fungal infections are also unlikely during the colder months. If you have a deciduous variety, your technician will be better able to see the shape, and assess the overall health of the branches when they are bare.

Tree pruning may be mandated by your neighborhood association. If you are unsure whether you need our services, give us a call and let our experienced technicians give you a free evaluation.



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Successful Methods of Termite Control
We suggest understanding a bit more abouttermite biology before reading further into this section. An understanding of how termites function, and why they are infesting your home will give you a better idea of how to prevent termite damage in the future.

Controlling termite damage
Termite control won’t be effective if you don’t keep an eye out for signs of termite damage, no matter how many other precautions you take. Even if you have a qualified exterminator providing termite barrier treatments, termiticide applications, and baits, you still need to perform regular inspections yourself to be sure your home is safe from termite damage: find out how, right here

Now that you’ve got your eyes set on eradicating your termite problems, you need to find out what to do next. The first step is to identify what kind of termites you have: for a quick reference to the different kinds of termites frequent in the United States, visit our section on termite identification here . If you’ve already read through this section, and have identified the invading termites, carry on in your studies .

More than 90% of termite infestation problems in homes originate in areas where wood meets soil.There is no barrier to termite penetration in these areas; any foraging termite that finds its way to a 2×4 can easily begin working its way into your home—and letting the other termites in its colony know where to go. Learn more about wood to ground termite home maintenance.

Termites may often enter through miniscule cracks in the foundation of your home. A termite can squeeze through any crack more than 1/64 th of an inch wide. Quite often, as your home settles, hairline cracks form that are often not visible to the unconcerned eye during a termite inspection; yet still these cracks allow termites entry into the timbers of your home. To find out more about foundation termite treatments, click here

I’ll Huff, and I’ll Puff, and I’ll…
Chewyour house down: treating foundations for effective termite control Part II

In the previous section, we talked about how slab foundations can be treated with permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) gel to restore preservation of termite control. In this article, we’ll talk about foundations with walls, crawlspaces, and houses built directly on the ground (well, we’ll mention those, but most of them will have fallen down by the time you finish reading this sentence).Click here for more information about securing the foundation of your home from termite damage.

The words “family” and “home” are almost interchangeable. Similarly, choosing the right exterminator is a lot like choosing the right doctor. You trust your doctor with your family’s life; you trust the security and safety of your family’s home to your exterminator. The process of selecting a qualified, responsible, and caring exterminator from the dozens of people who claim to be exterminators is not something that should be taken lightly. There are certain things to look for in an exterminator that can make this search a little easier for the responsible parent and homeowner. Find them here

>>>>>>>> Can’t decide which one to read?

Click here for the next termite control article
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Sea Cliff Pest Control is the Trained Pest, Termite and Rodent Control Company in Sea Cliff NY that you want on you side!

Sea Cliff Pest Control handles all pest control problems in a professional and attentive manner. Our trained technicians have what it takes to combat spiders, bugs, bees and any other pests that are attempting to infest your home or property; or are already there. Sea Cliff Pest Control services the vast area of Nassau county, Suffolk county and the Five City Burroughs of New York. If you have got a pest infestation or are worried about pests threatening you, your family and your pets, contact Sea Cliff Pest Control for results that will leave you pest free – we Guarantee it! We not only exterminate current pest infestations but Sea Cliff Pest Control helps to prevent new infestations before they ever happen! This leaves you more time to spend with your family and less time worrying about the dangerous insects and pests that pose a threat to your loved ones or business.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control
Sea Cliff Pest Control has an excellent residential service division. We have trained technicians that will inspect your home very thoroughly, identifying any and all potential risks of a pest problem or infestation. Sea Cliff Pest Control will keep your home protected from pests that can cause damage to your house and pose harmful threats to your family. Not only does Sea Cliff Pest Control offer residential service, but we also have a top quality commercial service. We will ensure your office space is pest free and kept that way so your business can run smoothly.

Total Pest Extermination
Sea Cliff Pest Control deals with every kind of pest. We typically service for pests like cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, bees, yellow jackets and wasps. These are all common pests that can become a huge problem for you if not promptly attended to early.

Thorough Termite Treatments
Sea Cliff Pest Control is a pro at exterminating termites from your home. Termites are capable of bringing down an entire structure. The wood they eat could potentially be a main support beam of your home. Termites cause more damage than any other pest and cost the most in repairs. Sea Cliff Pest Control performs termite inspections. Our inspections will find out if termites have entered into your home and the exact locations they are infesting.

Pesky Rodent Removal
Eradication of rodents like rats and mice can be quite a process. As they are nocturnal, you may only hear them at night or seen their feces laying around. Rodents are escape artists and they are hard to catch as a rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and a mice, even a smaller hole or crack. To properly rid your home of rodents for good, it takes a professional rodent exterminator like Sea Cliff Pest Control!

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Mosquito Control
Are you ready to spend time outdoors? When the weather is nice out, the best way to spend the day is outside enjoying your time with friends and family. The problem is that we are not the only ones that enjoy the nice weather. We are often times left to share the space with the dreaded mosquito. Mosquitoes are known to swarm around areas that have a water source close by. Mosquitoes don’t need a lot of water so if you have a small leak in your hose that can pool up and be just enough for them to thrive. They also carry and transmit diseases and viruses that can be harmful to people. To keep your family and guests safe from biting mosquitoes this spring and summer, call Sea Cliff Pest Control for expert mosquito removal.

Zika Virus Prevention
One of the newest viruses that have been linked to the bite of mosquitoes is the Zika Virus. This is a terrible virus and has some very serious repercussions. The virus started in Brazil but has begun to make waves here in the United States. It even has some areas such us the state of Florida calling for a state of emergency. The virus has ill effects for soon to be mothers causing birth defects such as hydrocephaly, which is a small head. The virus has some symptoms such as fever, red eyes, rash and joint pain which are similar to many other common illnesses such as the common cold. It is believed the virus and the infected mosquitoes will continue to spread even further. The skilled technicians at Sea Cliff Pest Control are trained and stay up to date with pests and the evolving diseases they spread.

How to Protect Yourself from West Nile Virus
This is a disease that is transmitted to people and animals through a bite from an infected mosquito. The disease is found primarily near the West Nile River but has been found in the United States and can still be found in areas across the United States. West Nile Virus can cause no symptoms at all or can come across like the flu. Many people are unaware that they have been infected. The best ways to protect your family and guests from West Nile Virus and other mosquito transmitted diseases is to eliminate standing water and calling a professional pest control company that specializes in mosquito control.

Other Viruses & Diseases Transmitted By Mosquitoes
There are several other viruses and diseases that can be caused by a bite from a mosquito such as Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Dengue and Malaria. These viruses cause health concerns and have been found around the world. The Yellow Fever has a vaccination that is the best way to keep it under control. Mosquito viruses are best controlled when mosquito populations are low around your Sea Cliff neighborhood. Contact Sea Cliff Pest Control for professional mosquito and pest control services.

If you are ready to keep these diseases and viruses from coming anywhere near your home and family, call Sea Cliff Pest Control today to make an appointment and have your property treated.
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Ways To Get Rid Of Ants At Home

Article by Joaquin Alford

When you Wish to Get rid of Ants, Knowledge Is Essential With an estimated 22,000 species, ants are 1 of the most largely recognized pests within the world, as well as one of the most typical pests. Ants could be found practically everywhere, including backyards, homes, hospitals, workplaces, warehouses and any other location where water and food is common. They can seep into buildings for warmth, refuge or refuge from dry, warm weather or swamped conditions.

Ants form colonies can range from a few dozen to 300,000. Their nests might be discovered anywhere inside and about your residence. Colonies consist of fertile females (queens), fertile males (drones), workers, soldiers and scouts. Ants will certainly collectively work together to aid the colony through the division of labor, communication between people, and the ability to solve complicated issues.

Don’t let the colonies multiply; exterminate ants today! Try out 1 of the techniques below. For fast and efficient results, use an organic and natural ant killer.Realizing how you can get rid of ants can be the key to a happy house!

Eliminate Ants- Method #1: Protect Your Residence Discover where the ants are invading and seal those places with caulk. Normal entry points consist of windows, doors, cracks, electrical wires and pipes. Because of the ants small stature, this might be a time-consuming and unfeasible job. Regardless of how hard you attempt to barricade your residence, it oftentimes fails to get rid of ants. These little insects can discover thousands of doorways into your house, which oftentimes makes an organic ant killer a a lot more effective answer to your ant invasion.

Ant Exterminator – Method #2: Clean And Seal Food will attract hungry ants into your home like nobody’s business. Ants specifically enjoy dining on sugars, syrups, honey, fruit juice, fats and meat. To get rid of ants, you must stop the all-you-can-eat buffet. That indicates you should maintain every thing nice and clean. You will need to sweep and vacuum often. Also, keep countertops free from crumbs and take the trash out frequently.

Ant Exterminator- Technique #3: Kill The Scouts Ant colonies will send out scouts in search of food and water sources. As soon as nourishment is located, the scouts will leave pheromone trails for the other ants to follow. (This is yet another reason why it is crucial to help keep areas within your residence clean: whenever you eliminate the pheromone trails you eliminate the ants.) You’ll need to squish these scouts if you see them, so they can’t make it back to the nest alive.

Yet another alternative would be to follow the scout back to the nest, then wipe it out with an organic ant killer. This is a a lot more effective method to eliminate the ants that are plaguing your house. Get rid of ants with out a chemical odor! You’ll find organic ant killers which have a fresh citrus or mint scent. Plus, the aerosol versions are easy-to-use, fast-acting and CFC free.

To eliminate ants in your residence, spray them directly with the organic ant killer. Keep on spraying until surfaces are wet. Ensure you pay special attention to exactly where the ants hide, for example cracks, crevices, baseboards, drains and pipes.


Termite breeding complexities: primary and secondary reproductives
There is a large difference between the termite Queen, the termite King, and the alates, or secondary reproductive termites. Termites breed a large number of secondary reproductives to decrease chances of a family’s extinction. Termite reproductive processes are one of the most complex in the universe; one termite larva has the potential to become a member of any termite caste, depending on any of several variables throughout its younger life:

Primary Reproductives: Termite Queens and Kings
The size and appearance of the primary reproductive termites depends on the species of termite at hand. Termite queens in the tropics, for example, may reach up to five inches long and produce over one thousand eggs daily. Luckily, most of you don’t have to worry about that.

Termite queens start their mature lives as secondary reproductives, taking flight at a certain time of year (which varies depending on what climate you’re in) to begin a courtship process with male reproductives.
Once the flight has taken place, the queen that has chosen her king beds down in the soil near the wood-source they have chosen. After excavating a chamber, they begin mating, producing dozens of eggs at once. During this time the queen is of near average size, and with each birthing she grows a bit more distended in the abdominal area.
After a year or so, the queen has become quite large—common North American species reach nearly an inch and a half in length. As the abdomen reaches this point of distension, the white membranes beneath the exoskeleton of her abdomen become visible, giving her a striped appearance.
Termite kings remain the same size throughout their lives: relatively small in comparison to their queen.
King termites will spend most of their days caring for the queen; after she reaches “full” size, she is practically immobile, and unable to eat. The king feeds her through the common practice of “trophallaxis” common to ants and termites (as well as the termites’ forebears, the cockroach).
Monogamy in termite colonies
Surprisingly, in comparison to most other insects, termite reproductives are monogamous. Once a queen and king have settled together, they mate only with each other, producing large colonies that in turn carry the same incestuous family gene further.

Termite death-matches and the plight of secondary reproductives
In most instances, secondary reproductives—alates—serve as caretakers for the young. These termites are capable of becoming primary reproductives, but a pheromone inhibitor (a chemical emitted by the dominant queen and king of the colony) prohibits the further molting that needs to occur for them to become independent.

If a termite queen or king becomes ill and is near death, the gland will stop creating the pheromone. When this happens, secondary reproductives begin molting, morphing into primary reproductives.
In some species of termites, this situation results in all of the secondary reproductives engaging in ruthless battles to the death; the last members of each sex still alive at the end become king and queen of their termites’ clan, and life resumes as normal.
This exceptional behavior among normally harmonious and unassuming secondary reproductives has caused some stir in the scientific community, particularly in the genetic field.
It seems that the behavior, as drastic as it seems, serves to carry further Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest.
>>>>More on termite biology: The Social System


Better termite control through construction methods
There ’ s only one thing better than having your home fully treated with natural termite control methods to be repellant against termites: only paying for it once. When you hire an exterminator to protect your home from termite damage, he can ’ t truly guarantee that termites will not penetrate the barriers or survive his eradication treatments (and a good exterminator will let you know this). What ’ s more, he ’ ll have to come back for monthly or bi-monthly termite inspections to be sure that termites aren ’ t finding a way past the barrier. This costs money.

Understanding of how termites cause damage has given rise to these new construction materials:>
Termite treated wood products
ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary)
ACQ is a chemical compound, but commonly refers to a piece of timber treated with the chemical. Technically speaking, ACQ is made up of a copper and quaternary ammonium compound. In lay terms, this means that fungus is killed before it can grow, and termites don’t mess with it; meaning that at least the framing of your home is safe from termite damage. However, many carpenters don’t like working with treated wood inside the house: so while the framing is safe you still have to be sure that termites aren’t infesting with routing inspections.
CBA (Copper Boron Azole)
This chemical allows for direct wood to ground contact while still protecting from termite damage.
Borates (Borax, boric acid)
Borates are one of the most popular “natural termite control”—also called “least toxic” termite control—in the market. They bear many names, from boric acid to borax, and more, and are a largely misunderstood chemical substance. Some fanatical environmentalists have pushed the product as an alternative to pesticides so hard that they began lying, saying that there were no dangers associated with the product. However, U.S. Borax (the largest manufacturer of the product) has issued several press releases warning the public that the product contains arsenic, a known carcinogen. In a strange turn of the tables, those same environmentalists claim that boric acid has so little arsenic as to be insubstantial, a dead ringer for dozens of corporate comments let slip during similar attacks from environmentalists.
The truth about boric acid is that it is one of the least toxic products of termite control available; however, widespread use of it throughout the household should not be condoned, as excessive epidermal contact and inhalation can lead to poisoning.
In this instance, borates are chemically bonded to the wood, making it very difficult for termites to cause any damage to it. Whether you want to call it “natural termite control” or “least toxic termite control”, it works .
Termite control is simpler, safer, less expensive when prevented from the start
Concerning the prevention of termite damage, termite control methods—natural or otherwise—and all other topics in this site, only one message need be remembered, and you will find it repeated throughout these pages: No matter how many precautions you take, nothing ends the need for routine termite inspections performed by a licensed professional. For best effectiveness, be sure to have a local termite control provider inspect and apply preventative termite control solutions regularly.

>>>>More on Successful Methods of Termite Control


Animal control covers a wide variety of services ranging from a onetime visit to a program of planned and repeated visitations for a reoccurring problem. Texas is home to a wide range of wild animals which include many species which can put your home and family in danger and even jeopardize their health and safety. Many species can also cause varying degrees of property damage which can include from destruction of yard grass and flower beds from burrowing, digging and rooting for food to undermining a homes’ foundation and floors from different types of wild animals digging and burrowing under your home. Some animals will also invade a homes’ attic or crawl spaces and is a common place for them to build their nests. If this occurs in your home, the point of entry must be discovered. The usual points are the corners of the roof where the soffit meets the rooftop. A thorough search of the eaves will normally divulge the entry point. Another entry point can be through the gaps under barrel tiled roofs. Once the infestation has been removed, the entrance must be blocked and sealed to prevent any re-entry.

For animal control to be efficient and effective, many different types of strategies involving different types of traps and baits must be implemented. The proper choice will depend on the type of nuisance animal and the location of the problem. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the most efficient methods of animal control and removal to provide you with the optimal choice for your problem.

Most problems are caused by the animals’ primal activities crossing paths and intersecting with humans and their habitat. An animal’s daily life consists of a few main actions which are necessary to their survival and are done on an ongoing daily basis. Proper animal control involves taking all these factors into account when deciding upon the proper method to eradicate the problem. These activities include the search for food, water, shelter, and a protected place to raise their young.

Some of the main problems in Texas creating the need for professional animal control are caused by the following wild creatures:

Roosting birds
Snapping turtles

There are a variety of things a homeowner can do to provide a measure of animal control in addition to the services provided by us as professionals. These would include pre-emptive precautionary measures such as:

Do not leave pet food or water dishes out over night.
Keep trash cans tightly covered and placed in a garage or a secure shed if you have one.
Restrict access to pools or ponds to mitigate the animals search for water.
Block access to the underside of free standing sheds to prevent animals from entering to build nests.
Professional animal control must be utilized when these measures do not prevent or solve the animal infestation. Failure to do so can result in a myriad of safety and health issues for your family and your home.

These include:

Threat of gnawing and chewing: Rats, mice, and squirrels in the attic, crawl space, or walls are a direct threat to the electrical wiring, plumbing, and AC ducts inside the attic and other spaces. All types of rodents gnaw or chew constantly, and their unchecked infestation and presence constitutes a severe fire hazard in your home and expensive repairs.

Threat of disease: Many wild animals can spread infectious diseases, not the least serious of which is rabies which can result in severe illness and even death if left untreated. Disease can also be caused by the presence of feces, a dead and decaying animal or from parasites from infected animals.

Threat of bodily harm: Numerous attacks occur against humans and pets each year from wild creatures who feel trapped, threatened, or who are simply trying to protect their young.
We provide the proper, most effective methods of trapping and removal services for all residential and commercial properties and structures done in a fast, reliable and efficient manner.

We provide animal control. Call us.