Celebrities Pay Tribute To Prince Rogers Nelson

Celebrities Pay Tribute To Prince Rogers

Prince, the musician and performer, whose works have impressed and inspired several other artists passed away last week at the age of 57. His death has drawn shock and reaction from the whole music industry and beyond. The celebrities took to the social media to express their love for the singer. Here is a roundup of the tribute that the musicians across different genres say about Prince who had been a powerful influence.

Questlove Gomez tweeted “Long Live The King”. Wyclef Jean tweeted as RIP to the King and thanked him for being an inspiration for him to be a musician. He claims that he is using the tool in order to heal people. Nike Rodgers stated RIP to the dearly beloved Prince. Both love and tears on our tour bus. He added that he will never forget the good times they had together.

Missy Elliott had tweeted that it is heartbreaking. She stated that she had a Prince’s pic drawn on her wall many years back as she was inspired by his music. She even posted the pic. Billy Idol claimed that it is unbelievable that Prince has died. The tweet stated that he was a great talent. Katy Perry tweeted that the world has lost the magic. RIP Prince.

Belinda Carlisle claimed that is it heartbreaking that Prince is no more. She tweeted that she is completely devastated. Quincy Jones said RIP to a true artist in the world He added that Prince has gone away too soon. Courtney Love Cobain tweeted full of pain for the royal badness that has been snatched from the industry.

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