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Here at our company we specialize in tree stump removals. As qualified tree surgeons we offer our services to domestic, corporate and the local authorities. So, if you want to get rid of old tree roots to prevent infestations then call us today and see what we can do for you.

Old Root Removals

We are able to assist both domestic and commercial clients, so whatever your requirements we are sure that we have the skills and abilities to help. Our clients include the Police, Local Government, golf courses, private gardens, builders and a range of domestic clients. We provide a comprehensive service for tree stump removals, old root removals and in addition to this we are also able to dig stumps out or grind them, whichever is most suitable for you.

Tree Stump Grinding

We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to tree stump grinding. We are also a certificate holder, City and Guilds qualified, and are certificate holders in stump grinding and chainsaw operations. We are fully insured and our prices are based on the time taken to remove the stump, not on the distance we have to travel, so there are no hidden costs. Our prices are competitive, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

Get in Touch

Protect your garden from infestations – call us now to arrange for our expert tree stump grinding and tree root removal services. 


Installing plant life on any landscape takes a lot of time because plant growth is a slow process. Trees particularly take long to reach maturity. When trees attain maturity while in the wrong locations, they can cause significant inconvenience. Planting a tree in an area where it is unwanted can be a costly mistake for the future, when its removal will be necessary.

Tree removal becomes necessary in cases where property owners want to plant new trees, create lawns, paths, car parks, driveways, walkways, or to make way for construction of new structures. Commercial and residential property owners can handle some tree removal exercises. But some cases are intricate, and they require the services of a professional arborist. It is advisable to seek the services of an arborist to prevent costly mistakes that can lead to property damage or injuries.

Our company provides reasonably priced tree removal, lot clearing, and logging services that help eliminate unwanted trees from sites designated for other landscape developments. In addition to lot clearing, logging, and tree removal, we also offer grading services that level up the ground for construction or other uses.

My services are also appropriate for property owners willing to eliminate dead, diseased, or pest-ridden trees that are a safety threat to your property. Such trees could fall on houses, cars, or people and cause great damage or injuries. We handle a wide array of projects, and I believe that “no job is too small!”

The tree removal services we provide can also eliminate unsightly trees uprooted by storms and hurricanes. After conducting all the tree removal, I we will grind all unwanted tree stumps and cut and convert the tree logs into useful materials such as timber, wood chips, poles, or firewood.

We serve the whole region, and we are ready to offer a helping hand in lot clearing, tree removal, and logging. Call for a free estimate today, and learn about our pricing and scope of work.


Tree Service and Tree Removal

If you are looking for Tree Service or Tree Removal, you have found your service provider. We have been providing our quality service for over 31 years and have the experience to handle any job with professionalism and skill.

What Makes Us Different

Our company is uniquely qualified in performing multiple tasks within different environments and provides 24 hour Emergency Services. For non-emergency services, we are available to trim trees annually so that all of them are maintained properly and can also effectively remove pesky stumps.

It all starts with the proper planning. This is essential to ensure high-quality results for all residential or commercial needs. By choosing us, you also get related services like Pruning, Trimming, Topping, Mulch, Free Wood chips, and Firewood. It is crucial that you only work with a fully licensed and insured company. We have expertise removing branches intersecting with electric poles and those found overhead driveways or those that come in contact with other obstructions that may pose a riskier challenge for our service techs, including those that are located next to buildings. That is why we make sure that disposal of trees is done with precision and safety in order to avoid problems or damage.

We have been a family owned and operated Tree Removal Service for over 31 years! In our earlier years, our family only provided basic tree services. Today, we have expanded our services to include the entire region and have served thousands of satisfied customers for all of that time. We have accomplished this by consistently providing quality work and have grown from one to eight employees and continue to grow. We are focused on providing our services to Businesses and Home Owners and also provide removal for several insurance companies and property management groups. Plus, we have the most reasonably prices for our residential and commercial customers.

Whether or not you are a repeat customer or are trying out our services for the first time, we are committed to providing you with the best service at an affordable price. We ensure that we will perform removal of trees and other services without damaging fences, yards or power lines and will thoroughly clean up the premises when we are finished. In addition, we are always offering different contributions to help our community and work with and donate to various charities. We want to form a close relationship with all of our customers so that they receive quality work with honesty and integrity when quoting our estimates.

We are very proud of our work and gladly welcome word-of-mouth referrals from our past customers to their family and friends to contact us. We have many great testimonials in all of our service locations.


Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding & More!

​Our company is your best choice for tree service. We offer every tree care service you might need to tend to your trees, and you will love our affordable prices and high quality service!

The condition of the trees on your property can be the difference between a yard that looks well cared for and one that looks neglected. To keep your yard and home in great condition, you want your trees to be trimmed into an attractive shape, but you also want them to be healthy, with brightly colored foliage and strong limbs.

Our tree care experts know that keeping your trees trimmed is an important part of keeping them healthy and beautiful. When your tree’s healthier days are past and you need a tree removal service, call us for fast, professional service.

Tree Care Services

Like our name implies, we are experts at tree removal – but we do a lot more! The wide range of tree care services we offer includes:

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Emergency Tree Service

Arborist Service

We provide all these options and more for tree service. Call us to find out how we can help you with your trees!

Tree Removal Services

Have one (or a few) trees to many? ​Do you have a dead or diseased tree that needs to be cut down? A tree planted too close to your house whose roots are damaging your foundation? What about a poorly placed tree that’s blocking your view? Whatever your tree problem is, we can help you!

We are trained and experienced tree care experts, so we know how to get rid of unwanted trees completely while causing the least possible impact to your property. When we are finished, it will look like the tree was never even there!

Whether you are looking to remove one tree or one hundred, we are the team to call for tree removal in Columbia, SC. If you care about a fast response, dependable work, and professional customer service, then let us get rid of your problem trees for you!

Stump Removal Services

Tree stump got you stuck? ​It can be disappointing to have to cut down a tree on your property – not only because you lose a beautiful tree, but also because you now have a stubborn stump to deal with! Large trees often have deep roots, and it can be difficult and time consuming to remove them. You might spend all day digging up your yard and never get that stump loose!

Our team’s experts in stump removal have the experience and the necessary equipment to get the most difficult stump out of the ground fast!  We also offer stump grinding services, so we can get your tree stump out of sight even faster and more simply. So put away the shovels and axes, sit back, and relax while we do the hard work for you!

Tree Trimming Services

Is your tree a ticking time bomb? An untrimmed tree can be like a huge sail. Without spaces to let air through, it will catch the wind that blows against it. And like a sail on a boat, if your tree stands up long enough against strong enough winds, it will eventually go somewhere! With a tree, that is the last thing you want.

Tree trimming seems like a simple landscaping element, but keeping your tree properly trimmed is actually an important part of avoiding disaster. Our team members are masters at tree trimming. We’ll make sure no branch is loaded with more weight than it can support, so you don’t have to worry that any will break off and cause damage to your property.

Keeping your trees trimmed is better for them too! When a tree is overgrown, it has a harder time supporting its weight, but it also has a harder time supporting the demands of keeping so much tree alive. When your tree is well-maintained, it can use all of its resources to stay healthy and strong.

Call us today, and we’ll keep your property and family (and your trees!) safer by keeping your trees properly maintained.

Tree Emergency Services

Already hit with a tree emergency? If you’re dealing with a tree problem that you need fixed now, we are the tree removal service to call right away. Our emergency tree service is available to you for any urgent tree problem you may encounter. If a branch breaks away from your tree, call us and we’ll get there right away to clean up the mess. If the entire tree breaks away from the ground and falls right over, call us and we’ll be there fast to clear it away.

Powerful storms and floods are sometimes part of life in our beautiful city, and many trees become casualties. You can count on our storm clean up to get rid of broken branches, debris, and even fallen trees. We’ll get your property looking clean and beautiful again in no time!

Looking for Quality Tree Care?

Your satisfaction is our first priority. We’ll make sure you never have to wait too long to have the trees and stumps on your property trimmed, ground, or removed. And with our team of highly trained and experienced tree specialists, we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the trees you keep and the ones we remove.

We owe much of their beauty of our area to the lush, green trees that grow here. Whether you need help with maintaining pine, pecan, oak, myrtle, hickory, or elm trees, or even palmetto, dogwood, magnolia, or any of the many tree varieties that grow here, we are the tree care service to call! We can keep any tree trimmed and pruned to perfection, so you can enjoy the beauty of your trees without the hassle of trimming them.

Don’t wait any longer to have those unwanted trees taken care of by the best tree removal service! Call us for a quote today!


​In your search to find the perfect tree for your property, you may come across the Bradford pear. You may also already have one or two of these trees on your property. It seems like the ideal ornamental tree: it grows quickly, has a nice, symmetrical shape, and is adorned with breathtaking white blossoms every spring. But like many things in nature, the Bradford pear’s beauty is deceiving. In addition to emitting a horrendous odor while blossoming, this tree can actually be quite dangerous—to itself, to your property, and even to the environment.

Bradford pear trees became popular in the United States during the 1960s, when government scientists adapted them from Chinese Callery pears to create a non-breeding (fruitless), ornamental tree. For several years, these trees began to line residential streets and commercial properties all over the country. As time passed, however, it was discovered that this tree with only a 20-year lifespan rarely survived even that long. Due to their rapid growth, Bradford pears’ branches don’t take enough time to strengthen at their joints, creating weak crotches that are almost guaranteed to break apart under the right conditions.

Most Bradford pears meet their end due to wind, rain, snow, or ice, and they are known for taking windows, roofs, and cars out with them. Google “Bradford pear tree” and alongside the images of beautiful foliage, you will also see many photos of fallen limbs or even trees split entirely in half. That was a Bradford pear. If that’s not enough to convince you not to plant a Bradford pear, their impact on the environment might be.

The Bradford pear was developed to not breed, and it doesn’t—at least, not with other Bradford pears. But once they were planted all over the place, they began to cross-breed with other species of pear trees, and the result was a new breed of viciously thorny trees that sprout up among native trees and choke the life out of them. They are nearly impossible to remove and may destroy acres of agricultural and forest land.

Their dangers have caused Bradford pears to be completely banned from some cities, and where they aren’t banned, they aren’t sold by honest, reputable nurseries. Fortunately, there are many safer options for beautiful, flowering trees to plant on your property, and a certified arborist can help you find and plant the perfect one.

If you already have a Bradford pear on your property, you would be doing our native environment a favor by calling a tree removal service such as ours to help take it down.


Trees grow in countless varieties all over the world, and their beauty is undeniable. But if you need more reasons to plant a tree on your property, here are just a few of the benefits they offer.

They’re Good for Your Home

Planting your trees in the right places can make a world of difference in the comfort of your home. Trees planted on the west side of the house can protect it from the hot afternoon sun, keeping each room pleasantly cool through the summer. They’ll also soothe your winter woes by blocking icy winds and keeping your home considerably warmer. According to The Arbor Day Foundation, people tend to stay longer in homes with trees, which just goes to show how much happier trees can make a home!

They’re Good for Your Wallet

Keeping your house at a naturally more comfortable temperature also means keeping your heat and cooling on a more affordable setting year-round. The Center for Urban Forest Research determined that a properly placed, mature tree could save you as much as 12% on your energy bills! Property values also rise when landscaping includes trees, so when you’re ready to sell and move on, you’ll discover that your trees were a worthwhile investment.

They’re Good for the Environment

There’s a reason people plant trees on Earth Day—they’re just good for the environment! In addition to helping you use less energy in your home, they also absorb pollution and release tons of oxygen into the environment each year. Trees are also vital to the quality of our water. They create a natural barrier for runoff and erosion of soil, keeping groundwater and streams clear of pollutants. No matter who you are, trees are sure to have an impact on your life. So if you’re still on the fence about whether to plant, here’s our advice: the world can always use more trees!

See the statistics for yourself and go plant a tree!


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